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From Bernie Kerr
"Here is a summary of my adventures with N60WM over the last 3 weeks. I can not and will not try to compete with the Rosales, Paul and Victoria, for travel; but if it helps encourage anyone to get started or to finish their birds so be it."

Departed Treasure Coast Airpark(FL37) from my hangar about 7am on May 24 headed for Memphis TN (667 NM). Called Tracy Crook just before I cranked and told him that I would be overhead Shady Bend Airpark (9FL5) in 1 hour 20minutes at 4500 feet. Nice flight up, not our normal "mist". Called Tracy on the common air frequency 10 minutes out. No joy. 7minutes out he called me and said he was just cranking. We joined up, and compared fuel burn at 45,65,85, and 10,5 hundred feet. It appeared when I was turning my 80 inch sensinich at 2600 (about 190 TAS) that I was burning about .7 gph less than his rotary RV4 was. When we throttled back to about 2400 for me, the fuel burns were about equal. I think my Sam James cowl and other goodies are probably that much aero cleaner than his 4. We split off because he wish to go more westerly to mogas stop and I wanted to fill up at Wetumka AL for $1.69 100LL :>). I then flew the lowest long distance cross country that I've done in 300 hours of flying my 6. One hour 20 minutes to Memphis. Landed at OLV and snuggled the RV under the wing of my friends Cessna T210. Attended the rotorhead gathering at DeWitt Spain over the next two days. Lots of neat ideas and people. Ed Anderson had a "little excitement" on the way home with his award winning 6A. It may be a little embarrassing to Ed, but I think he needs to write it up. His rotary stopped dead and he dead sticked it onto a 3000 foot paved strip with no bent metal etc. His basic problem was a "flop" tube hung up and was not getting fuel to the engine. Come on Ed, fess up and give us the details.

Hung out in Memphis for a week helping daughter and family getting settled into their new house. Departed Memphis on Friday (May 31) for Scott field and the "big Texas flyin". Had planned to stopped in Athens TX (F44) for fuel at Mr Dysons. Had a nice tailwind (from the east??). Was showing over 210 mph at about 7gph ( time for a real RV grin) so did not stop. Landed at Scott and met my friends, the Andersons, Grishams, and Reeves from last year. We had 13 RV's tied down before dark (2 last year). Three of us camped there under the trees. Tracy Crook and myself met a very neat 6 building couple from Cal.; Charlie and Cathy Johnson. They took us into town and went to look for the neighbor friends who had flown in from N Cal. The Johnson's dropped back to camp site after we ate. Next morning they brought us breakfast. RV folks are some of the neatest people you would ever wish to meet.

Saturday was a neat experience. You can see plenty of pictures and words describing it on Doug's Web site.

Sat. night we ate with the Andersons and others at the "docks" in Waco. Next morning, Tracy and I were out of there around 9 because Dyson said he was not normally open sunday morning, but someone would be there at 10 am to sell me their $1.75 gas. A highly recommended stop! On to memphis. Only a slight tailwind from the west! Doesn't get much better than tailwinds both ways now does it?

Left the plane in the hangar at Olive Branch and flew commercial home with four year old grandson for a week of Disney, beach, clecoing on my 9A project, pulling the pneumatic pop rivet gun trigger for the pull rivets in the bottom of the left elevator, etc. 
Considered bringing him in the 6A, but thought a second time and fought the mobs at the "real airport". The grandson has flown several 15 minute flights in the RV, but did not wish to overdose him with a 4 hour flight.

Flew back to Memphis commercial on tues (May 11). Got out of memphis at 3pm edt. and arrived in Charlotte, NC area before 6pm. Met my friends at RUQ (rowan county) airport. Gave the 250 pounder a ride around the area. Was up and out of RUQ for SPA (downtown Spartanburg SC) to meet with a high school friend who gives me a choirpractic treatment for my allergy left over from a composite airplane project. Out of SPA at 9:30 edt and arrived here home at FL37 before 12:30. Had to climb to over 13k momentarily to clear a squaw line. RV's eat that up! 

A Great Magic Carpet it is indeed. Keep in the garage, hangar, etc to get it flying!