Hello Friends,

     A few weeks ago I was composing my first flight post in my head.  It would have been epic.  Unfortunately my post today is instead to offer my RV-7A for sale.  I'm sorry to report that my wife has become quite ill.  She is very strong and we will put up a good fight.  I never imagined I would be doing this, but here I am.  I will list as many details as I can about this airplane.  Mike Hilger has graciously agreed to help me as it is quite difficult to sell something I worked so hard on, but pales in comparison to the concern I have for my wife.  Anyway, here are the details.  One thing to note, this is an exceptional RV built under the direct supervision and with the assistance of a 15+ RV builder (completely legal since I was working along side of him) who I hired to assist me with the build.  We worked about 65 man hours a week on this plane for 6 months.  The plane is finished except for final assembly (the wings have been on and everything is drilled and pre-rigged).  I estimate about a week to get the airplane ready to fly.  The final paperwork for this plane has not been processed so you may register the plane as you like.  I'll provide the pictures and builder's log. 

EVERYTHING brand new

Vans RV-7A quickbuild delivered Aug 7, 2007
James Cowl and Plenum
New Aerosport 0-360, 2 Slick Mags
Vans Elec primer
carb temp, oil temp, fuel press. oil pressure, fuel flow
CHT, EGT, RPM, MAP etc... sensors by AFS
2 heat muffs
PCU 5000X governor
Oil Sump Heater
Hartzel 72" Blended Airfoil
Andair fuel valve
custom made oil cooler door w/cabin control

1 AF-3500 EF w/ battery backup
1 AF-3500EM w/ battery backup
w/ AFS moving map w/ terrain
w/AFS ARINC adapter
w/ AFS AoA
AFS system coupled to Tru Trak DF II VSVG (capable of coupled GPS/ILS approaches)
Tru Trak DF II VSVG w/ roll servo and pitch sensing servo
Source select switch input of autopilot for either GPS input or ARINC input
CO detector
Gretz heated pitot
PMA 8000B audio panel /marker beacon receiver
Archer marker beacon antenna in wing tip
Garmin 430W WAAS GPS integrated with EFIS and A/P
Garmin SL40 Com
Garmin GTX-327 Transponder
Tru Trak 2.25" ADI w/ battery backup
Davtron Clock
U.M.A. Airspeed indicator
U.M.A. Altimeter
3 lighting dimmers
1- instrument dimming
2- LED glareshield lighting
3- White LED maplight
2- Aluminum high quality air vents
Locking toggle Master Switch
Kilxon breakers
Power/Data and audio hookup and external antenna for Garmin GPS

Classic Aero Aviator Interior with leather glareshield eyebrow
All interior surfaces painted, although the interior covers almost everything
Hooker Harnesses
Manual Aileron/Elevator trim

CreativAir LED nav/landing/strobe lights
All fiberglass primed
Archer VOR antenna
2 CI-122 com antennas
104-12 transponder antenna
all antenna cabling is high quality RG-400
All wire is aircraft grade Tefzel

What it would have cost you so far...

$34,300.00 QB kit, firewall forward and delivery
$19,000.00 builder assistance
$21,400.00 for engine (FULL 3 year warranty provided by Aerosport starts with your first flight)
$6,900.00 for prop
$1400.00 for James cowl and plenum
$43,000.00 Panel by SteinAir
$4400.00 Classic Aero Interior
$3857.00 Misc expenses (including project insurance (still under coverage now) antennas (2 comm, 1 nav, 1 Xpndr, 2 GPS, 1 marker beacon), wiring, lighting, oil heater, Hooker Harnesses, paint etc...

$134,257.00 invested so far... Best offer over $112,000.00.  That's over a $20,000 savings on a brand new state of the art airplane.

You pick it up and take it home for final assembly.  It's possible for you to hire someone locally to assemble and fly off the 40 hours, and I'll provide the contact info, but it will be up to the buyer to make the final arrangements as I am busy with my wife.

A couple of more things...  Since many of you are not just my friends but also customers of SteinAir, I have a special request.  When you call to order something, or to check in with the Overlord, I'd really appreciate it if we could keep the topic of conversation on business.  It's so hard to talk (and write about this) and I don't think I could get through the day talking about it. Work is a welcome distraction.   Also, please no calls about the airplane to SteinAir, as I mentioned Mike Hilger will be handling the showing of the airplane.  I'll provide his contact info to interested parties.                                  

If you would like to make me an offer on the plane please email to RV7Flyer@gmail.com  If you need to speak with me my cell is (612) 840-7542.  Mike Hilger will show you the plane which is located at  KSGS, Fleming Field South St. Paul, Minnesota  PLEASE no tire kickers...

Since I won't be making a first flight post I'd like to take the time to thank the following people:
My wife and best friend, we'll build another one someday...
Stein and Jed and the rest of the gang at SteinAir, thank you for you help and support
Mike Hilger, for my first RV flight, being my tech counselor and helping with the sale
Rob and Jenny Hickman and Tricia Blank and the rest of the crew at AFS
Jim, Andrew, Zack, John and the rest of the people at TruTrak
and to Doug Reeves and all of the great people here on VAF

     I'm so grateful for your help.  Thank You.  I'm also saddened that although I'll be a VAF member in spirit I'll no longer be a VAF pilot.  I won't be around the forums for a little while as I get my family through this.  I hope someday to return with a tail kit on order.  Cheers until then...

One last thing... as difficult as this is to sell my plane it's far more difficult to have someone you love sick.  I know it's sounds like a greeting card... but... right now, call your spouse, significant other, parent or child and tell them you love them.... SHOW them you love them...  someday always comes quicker that you think

peace and health,

paul story