comes to you courtesy RV-6 builder/owner Doug Reeves.  

OSH '08 VAF Coverage
...from a guy with no training whatsoever for this.  I'll try not to muck it up too bad. 
Start At The Bottom To Read This Stuff In The Order It Happened...

Aug 5, 2008 1220z

- Van And The Gang Home Safe...RV-10 PIREP from Ken S.

Van, Scott Risan and I climbed into N410RV on Sunday morning, fired it up and broke ground just before 8:00 a.m. Oshkosh time. I flew and fueled, Scott ran the weather checks and navigation, Van sat in the back and enjoyed the view, occasionally contributing bits of wisdom to our in-flight decisions. (I mean, if you have to have a back seat driver, get someone like him!)
   We stayed low to stay out of the headwinds (and even picked up a bit of tailwind) and after wrestling with a bit of low scud and reduced visibility in South Dakota (no on-board weather), popped out the west side of the activity into clear skies. Climbed to 12,500' coming out of Bozeman to clear the Bitterroots and finally spotted Mt. Hood from the east side of Pendleton -- about 125 miles away.
   Landed Aurora after 9:30 flight time. Two (expensive!) fuel stops in Gettysburg, SD and Bozeman, Mt. (route)
   These airplanes continue to amaze me. Half a continent and home with five hours of daylight left."

related: RV-10 Info at Van's

- Stein Says Thanks

- Team RV Pics from OSH '08 (discuss)

- Smitty's OSH Pics

Aug 4, 2008 1235z

- 2008 EAA Aircraft Awards Posted  (discuss)
...RVs in the mix:

Outstanding Workmanship Kit Built
Chris Cox, Delta, BC, RV-7, CFCOX

Bronze Lindy Kit Built
Lyle Hefel, Durango, IA, RV-8, N98LH
Chuck Labarreare, Collierville, TN, RV-8A, N685RV
Scott Chastain, Merced, CA, RV-8, N898W
Jeff Hagg, Indianapolis, IN, RV-8, N548JH
Steven Hamer, Apple Valley, CA, RV-6, N642PS
Mark Taylor, Dearborn, MI, RV-7, N834ST

- Jack Clark OSH Pictures
   "This is a sample of the sights at AirVenture 2008 taken between Monday and Friday. There was so much to see and do and so little time! I personally like one of the F-22 Raptor photos and one of Sean Tucker."

- OSH Time Lapse Video ...courtesy Rick Schwandt

Aug 3, 2008 1214z

- Track Jason Sneed on his Flight Home

- RV-3 OSH Meeting Recap Randy Lervold.  Of special note is the range compared to the RV-10.

- Video of RV 20 Ship Fly-over ...courtesy Boomer.  With audio...

- The man himself doing what he doesDale Ellis photo

- Trash Detail ...courtesy Joe Ferraro
   "So there we are, walking along the flight line, and a golf cart comes to a screeching halt right next to us. This elderly gentleman gets out and starts picking up a VERY SMALL couple of pieces of trash...the kind of loose paper left over after the truck empties the dumpster.
   He stands up to drop it in the dumpster and Brad Oliver and I see an EAA shirt with Paul P.'s name embroidered on it. Both our jaws hit the ground! Here's the "Pope" picking up garbage! Unbelievable pride in his "baby", and truly a down to earth guy.
   snip......Paul, it appears, is still the same guy I'm sure he's always been....snip."

- Sam Buchanan got a shot of where my plane was parked Sat-Wed.
   Thanks Sam!   

- Pics and write-up from OSH'08...courtesy Tim Olson.

Aug 2, 2008 1200z

- Danny and MJ's SPOT track of flight home from OSH (non-stop w/extended range tanks).  image of track

- Danny Talks About The Flight Home
   "Yes, the Tru Track ADI Pilot II was engaged just south of Oshkosh and remained on until just five miles from 52F. The Electronics International fuel computer is just wonderful. I had a slight headwind from the west. If I was going to make the flight non-stop, I wanted to arrive with at least one hour of fuel on board. I flew at 8500' and pulled the fuel flow back to 7.8 GPH until the computer said that I would land with nine gallons. I always lie to the computer and enter one gallon less than the FOB, so the Electronics International thought I had 50 gallons when in-fact the Doll holds 51. That would leave me with 10 gallons over 52F. I burned 41 gallons for the trip which means a normal RV-8 without extended range tanks could have done the Shuttle One arrival to 52F with the normal fuel load of 42 gallons. The Hotel Whiskey extended range tanks were my reserve fuel for the trip.
   Both 'Builder Doll' and myself had no problems with the five hour trip, and we were not uncomfortable. Flight time was 4:48, breaking my last non-stop record of 4:32 from Elkhart Indiana to 52F.
   The Doll continues to amaze me with her abilities.
Danny King
Beautiful Doll 80434 TT 1006 hours
I0360 A1B6 200 HP
Christen Inverted Oil
First Flight 12 July 2000"

- EAA Airventure 2008 Pictures... ...courtesy Christopher Checca

- RV Formation at AirVenture08 Debrief ...courtesy Stu McCurdy.
"This year, rather than set a specific goal like last years 35, I just asked for volunteers. Twenty (20) FFI formation pilots signed up and showed up at Rock Falls IL (SQI) where we practiced Sat and Sun and then took it to Oshkosh. We had a Mass Arrival reservation this year, so we conducted an arrival flyby and then split up for 4-ship landings. I coordinated for our performances on Tues and Wed at 1130-1200 overhead the pattern and AirVenture grounds. We entered from over the lake with a Criss-Cross maneuver, which Kahuna hit perfectly, then entered the Figure 8 over AirVenture for four more passes changing the shapes on the turn around for each pass. Using photos from each day's practice and performance we tried to perfect successive day's performances. From favorable comments from the Warbird community and others, I guess we did okay.

Picture of overflight

Accolades should go to the individual flight leaders and wingmen who practiced during the year to maintain proficiency, then arrived at SQI ready to blend with other formation pilots from around the country to perfect the skills and exercise the utmost discipline and concentration. Here's the line up:

Alpha Flight
1 Stu "Falcon" McCurdy, Falcon Flight, Round Rock, TX
2 Bill "Gunnbody" Gunn, Falcon Flight, Austin, TX
3 Lowell "Pfantom" LeMay, Falcon Flight, Round Rock, TX
4 Roy "Jarhead" Geer, Falcon Flight, Ft Worth, TX

Bravo Flight
1 Bill "Pappy" Turner, Blackhawks, Marengo, IL
2 Don "Taco" Pfeiffer, Blackhawks, Poplar Grove, IL
3 Gary "Condor" Sobek, SoCal Wing, Manhatten Beach, CA
4 Randy Lervold, Home Wing, Camas, WA

Charlie Flight
1 Ron "Smokey" Schreck, Palmetto Flight, Gold Hill, NC
2 Tad "Stripes" Sargent, Palmetto Flight, Davidson, NC
3 Danny "Speedy" Kight, Team RV, Anderson, SC
4 Ken "Lurch" Harrill, Palmetto Flight, Columbia, SC

Delta Flight
1 Mike "Kahuna" Stewart, Team RV, Cumming GA
2 Len "Leggs" Leggette, Palmetto Flight, Greensboro, NC
3 Jerry "Widget" Morris, Team RV, Dahlonega, GA
4 James "Chatterbox" Clark, Palmetto Flight, Columbia, SC

Echo Flight
1 Gregg "Wizz" Wilson, Cincy River Rats, Batavia, OH
2 Bud "Joker" Newhouse, Cincy River Rats, Cincinnati, OH
3 Greg "Greese" Reese, Cincy River Rats, Alexandria, KY
4 Ron "Giggles" Gieleghem, Cincy River Rats, Glendale, OH

Thanks to the team for dedication, discipline, skillfulness exhibited at both practice and overhead AirVenture. Good show.

Thanks also to Jeff "Friday" Point who made our taxi/parking work like a charm.

Thanks also to Lynn Turner who took care of food, drink, and transportation needs while we practiced at Rock Falls.

And thanks to M&M Aviation at SQI for hosting us, providing briefing areas and equipment, and fueling.
Stu McCurdy (Falcon)
RV-8, 78TX, Flying
Formation Flying, Inc (FFI)
Falcon Flight"

related: pic of pass from EAA site

- OSH multimedia slideshow from Bob Collins

Aug 1, 2008 1206z

- Couple of air to air shots of the RV-12 at OSH
....images #3 and #4.  Joe (left seat) and Daryl (right seat).  Photographed by Bonnie Kratz.

    related: The RV-12 Forum

- Marshall Jacobson's OSH Pictures

- Bill Repucci back home (OSH comments)

- Thank you to OSH Group OPS ...Tom Webster

- Giving RV Formation Guys at OSH Props ...Bill Repucci

- Misc OSH News From Those Attending several folks.

- Got OSH Pics to Share?  Mike talks about how to get them online

- Van's OSH Overstock Special on Lyc's

- AirVenture Site Renovations Planned for '09 (pic)

- AOPA Coverage (pics and videos) of OSH

July 31st, 2008 1148z
Home from the show.  I'm not much of a writer, so I'll just do the normal stream of consciousness ramble type thing that I do...bad grammar and all.

Open the following link in another window and follow along with the text below it...

Okay, started the day driving out to the show with Van and the Gang.  Woke up to a sock being thrown at my head (4:30am) by Joe Blank, my roomie at the dorms.  Something about me snoring...  Nothing but net.

Wanna say first off here how grateful I am for the hospitality shown by the Van's crew.  Joe, Gus, Daryl, Scott, Ken, Ken, Mike and the rest are the real deal folks.

Saw Stan 'Grumpy' Price (my CFII and good friend) on his way to the Garmin forum - he's the guy in the third pic.  Moved Flash out of its spot at the SPOT tent to switch places with Beautiful Doll.  As we were moving and fueling the planes Doug Rozendaal walked up (blue shirt in pic 4).  Very nice fellow - he was flying the DC-3 and B-25 among others at the show.  A few other folks walked up and introduced themselves - always nice to meet people.

Went to the powder room one more time and strapped in to launch for KBIE in southeast Nebraska (Ross had talked with me on the phone and picked a waypoint that would steer me clear of the WX south of OSH).

Got some pics of the planes paralleling the flight line on the taxi down to the end of 36.  The folks running the ground ops are all professional and they get the job done efficiently.  Departure was painless and all business.  Just like the departure briefing.  Very cool customers...

Climbed out, heading 150* at 500'agl for 5 miles away and then you're on your own.  Climbed to 8,500, turned on George, unpacked the Braun.  Shaved.  Got a macro pic of the GPS showing the wx I was flying around.  I kept hoping I could deviate south a little sooner, but looking at the METARs with the GPS showed low, low ceilings west of the storms and looking at the AOPA info in the GPS I couldn't find an apt with food close by.  Nebraska it is....  You can see one photo where I used the canopy cover to keep the sun from burning me.  I do that every so often.  Few hours later I landed, got the courtesy car and drove to Arby's.  Few minutes later I was back in the air.  Nice FBO there at KBIE.  Courtesy car's a/c worked very well.

Launched for the second leg and immediately saw a long line of developing crud in my path.  The animation feature of the XM WX package shined here.  I could, after a few frames looping, determine it was in my best interest to deviate east about thirty degrees for 100+nm to get through a hole in the line (if it held).  It was developing over the Dallas area at a faster rate in the animation, so I made the call to not go around the west end.  The line wasn't moving in the animation - just sitting in one spot turning into a thicker line.  Damn thing didn't seem to move a foot in two hours.

Turned the O2 on full and climbed from 9,500' to 15,500'.  38*F OAT.  I used the canopy cover and the heat vents to make a 'heater tent' around my legs - nice and cozy.  Got through the gap with room to spare, always had 2-3 outs and justified the XM WX fee right here.  An FYI...what you see on the screen is NOT exactly what you have outside, but it's close.  What was most comforting was knowing I had VFR conditions all around me.  If I didn't have O2 onboard and didn't have XM WX I would not have considered doing this for one second.  Having all that info at your fingertips changes everything.

This was one of the most visually rewarding flights I've ever had in my RV.  These are the most amazing travelling machines on Earth.  Thanks for seeing to it that I went to OSH.  Hope the pictures held your interest and I've put next year's event in the calendar already (with ink).

Have satellite weather and a tracker of some kind in the cockpit.  That's my advice, at least.  Knowing what is around you and having a few dozen of your friends over your shoulder online really raises the safety bar.

Trip up (SPOT) / Trip back / WX I was dealing with on trip back.

Man, that is one fun place.


After I 'shot the gap' and was cruising along happily I put the camera in movie mode for a minute.  Remember, when you watch this I'm at 15,500'.  These were tall clouds <g>.  Here's the view...

That link again to the pics:

Embeded Slideshow:

Other OSH Reports:
- Kirk Groves
- An RV was chosen as the 30,000th homebuilt at OSH
- Bob Collins daily OSH Diary
- RunwayFinder is Beta testing AIRMETs and SIGMETs (written by a RV guy)

July 30th, 2008 0247z
Pooped again.  Dogs barkin.  Quick recap.  Jet Pack Man was Jet Poop Man.  Wasn't what we all expected - flew for about 20 seconds at 12 inches.  I saw a helmet kinda stick out from the crowd for a bit.  Can't write comedy like this <g>.

RV-8/8A gathering at Theater In The Woods.  Met some of the folks I only knew by forum name and was very glad to have found them (lucky accident - I was walking by).  Kevin Horton, Craig Ward, Buck and a lot more...  Great folks, as you would expect.

Walked by the Honda pavilion and saw Bud Anderson talking.  Later I was looking at a RV-8 painted up as Old Crow and....he was standing next to it with the owner.  I sheepishly asked for a photo and they graciously accepted.  Bud Anderson.  Highlight of the day!

Gave a short speech at the SPOT booth and hopefully didn't do too bad.

Hung out with Art (RV-8) while Stu and the Gang flew over at 1130.  Perfect as usual.  Lunch with Rob Reece (RV-8) and dinner with the Van's gang.  Drank a beer called 'Spotted Cow' and it's love at first drink.  Understand it's local only (sad).

Hope you had a great day and wish you were here.

I launch for home sometime tomorrow afternoon weather permitting.  I'll take more pics tomorrow before I leave and will have something online in the evening.

The dorm cafeteria has Dr. Pepper.  I like this place.  Honored to be here and meeting lots of great folks.

(139) pictures from the day below (and you'll notice the things I talked about above - look for the RV-8 gathering and Bud Anderson!).



July 29th, 2008 0342z
Boy am I pooped - 1030pm as I sit down to type this.  Walked through the vendor buildings (packed to the gills), watched the airshow with Danny and MJ King, watched Foreigner sing a few songs, ran into a few folks I'd only known before in the forums and such (very nice people), bumped into Bob Collins in Aeroshell Square and ate dinner with Bob Reece, Daryl and Joe from Van's.  Really good food (and too much of it).  Drank a beer called 'Spotted Cow', and enjoyed it quite a bit.

Jeff Point says there are now over 400 RVs on field (and he would know).  My dogs are barking bad.  Lots of walking.

Here are (144) pictures from the day.  Tomorrow I'm going to try to walk HBC and get pictures of the RVs I missed on Sunday.

This place is nuts ;^).

Direct link:


July 28th, 2008 1051z
Good morning!  Let the games begin...

Today I'm going to try to visit all the vendor buildings and get a hundred shots or so of people and products.

- RV-12 Fuse Kits Go On Sale Today
      (check the company site for more info later today)

- Aircoupe pilot rides an RV (good story)

July 28th, 2008 0334z
Hope you had a great day.  Pics from the last 12 or so hours (118) for you to enjoy.  Also found a link to a couple of RV drivers that got interviewed today by EAA.  WX is fine and having fun.  Tomorrow I'll do the vendor shots in the buildings.  1030pm now and I'm hitting the sack.

Jeff Point IM'd me that OSH has over 300 RVs in attendance at this point.

Tomorrow I'll have another batch up around the same time.

Direct link:


EAA Video Link of a coupla RV guys

July 27th, 2008 2225z
In for the day.  My dogs are barkin.  Got about a hundred photos I'll go through after dinner.  Gonna shower and go eat.  Donger need food...

July 27th, 2008 1940z
Over 120 RVs are on the field (saw Jeff Point and this is his figure - hope I remembered right).  Made a first pass trough HBC and saw some folks I only see once a year.  Stu and the gang flew over at 1330 in a 20 ship - I got pics that I'll upload later this afternoon/evening.  I'm on the cell connection at the Van's tent right now and I don't think I can upload the 50 or so images I have from the morning here at the tent.  The flyover looked awesome as usual.

RVs are streaming in continuously.

Met Bill Repucci, Rob Reece, Jay Pratt, Danny and MJ, Billy, Ricky and Debbie and a lot more of the usual suspects.  The weather is around 80 with a light wind from the west.

For an unofficial day, the Van's tent is really hopping.  There are 20-30 folks milling around as I type this. 

The guys behind the booth say 'hey'.

July 27th, 2008 1140z
Slept pretty good.  This is my first time staying in the dorms and I'm liking it - the showers are better than the portable ones in HBC.

Let's see, what can I remember from the trip up yesterday?  Launched from 52F around 1130 for Gainesville (GLE) to top off the tanks.  Did that and launched for Warsaw, MO and their $4.60 fuel.  Flew at 11,500' with O2 and autopilot on.  170kts over the ground and 55*F.  Two hours and change later landed and topped off.  Nice, clean airport - didn't see a person.  Kept in contact with some other planes that were paralleling my track.

Second leg flown at 9,500' and the OAT dropped down to 48*F at some times.  165kts GS.  Turned on the heater.  About thirty minutes out of RIPON I started picking up OSH ATIS and FISK approach.  They had the holds in place (for what I found out later was some mass Cessna / Bonanza arrivals).  Didn't affect the plan much at all by the time I got on top of RIPON - flew straight to RIPON, flew straight to FISK, rocked my wings and landed on 36L just like they told me.  Didn't see another plane until I was on base, and just followed him.  Big nothin burger.  Arrived 5pm.  Logged 5.0 - saw lots of corn fields.

Hats off to the OSH arrival and ground crew.  Very professional and efficient.

Shutdown at Aeroshell Square and the tug pulled Flash over to the SPOT tent (SE corner of the square).  Had a cold ice tea and steak in front of me less than an hour later.

It's 6:45am, it's 63*F outside, I'm at OSH and breakfast is less than an hour away.  Life is good. 

I'll take lots of pictures today.  Here's the not-really-interesting shots from the trip up:



Talk again a few hours,


July 27th, 2008 0415z
   Got here safe and sound around 5pm.  Called some friends and met them for dinner, then a coupla beers, so not much typing tonight.  WX is fine and the fields are starting to fill.  SPOT track below.  Flash is parked in the SPOT booth - feel free to come put some fingerprints on it.

Can you tell I had the autopilot on <grin>?

July 25th, 2008 2106z
   See Alex D's new RV-7 panel at Stein's booth.  Pic here

July 25th, 2008 2102z
Danny King and Jay Pratt arrive safe at OSH.  Just got the call from Danny.  Said it was humid and they had to deviate around some wx.  Route of flight: here.

July 25th, 2008 1441z
   Todd Nelson (RV-10 Wings) is the guy flying the F/A-18 into OSH this year.  He's offered RV folks an invite to tour the plane.

July 24th, 2008 2215z
   Oil change finished.  Ready to launch for OSH sometime Sat/Sun. 
Susie has the house full of her friends while I'm gone.  The boy is truly outnumbered.

July 24th, 2008 1700z
   Oil change half done on Flash
Planned route of flight here.  Track me hereDanny King is packed and 'Beautiful Doll' looks perfect.  Jay and Danny launch for OSH 0600 Friday morning.  WX looks good.