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September 25, 2017.   Issue No. 4,401. 

52F's new runway.  *Should* open this week.
Hydromulch seed put down along sides 9/24.  Striping next.


Ryan Malcomb - The Rest of the Story ...Ernie

Ryan Malcomb - 1st Solo Flight on his 16th birthday (8/30/17)
Continuing a family tradition, Ryan is the 4th member to complete a 1st Solo Flight on a 16th birthday!

Pictured below is Ryan on the ramp at Sanford Intl (KSFB) after his 1st solo flight. Sanford is a very busy controlled airport that requires skillful communications skills. After demonstrating to his instructor that he had "the right stuff" to do his 1st solo flight at KSFB, his instructor signed him off and the rest is history. Way to go, Ryan!

Ryan's mom, dad, and brother were on hand to witness the event and to congratulate Ryan when he taxied back to the hangar. If you've ever watched your child fly an airplane solo for their first time, you understand the roller-coaster of emotions experienced; highs filled with joy, happiness, and pride of their accomplishment and lows filled with fear of what might no go as planned. In typical Ryan style, he made us all proud and left everyone at the top of the roller-coaster.


Carburetor Failure MA-4SPA ...1001001

Not in an RV but...

In the interest of safety I want to let you know I had a carburetor failure on my Warrior the other day. It is a Marvel Schebler MA-4SPA. Not sure, but this might be a standard model on RVs as well.

In this carb, the fuel bowl assembly is bolted to the venturi/throttle assembly via four body-bound bolts that mount through holes in the throttle assembly to sockets in the bowl assembly. The bolts are secured with locking tabs and not safety wire.

Due probably to vibration and in spite of the locking tabs, the bolts had loosened and then damaged the threads in the bowl assembly. The carb bowl was separated from the throttle assembly by about 1/32 to 1/16 inch and very wobbly. One bolt was almost completely loose.  ...


Status Report ...bk1bennett RV-14

On Friday night, 9/22/17, I finished the Rudder (Section 7). It took me over 40 hours.I had to patch an area on the right skin because I creased it during back riveting (ran off the end of the plate as I merrily riveted away without thinking). I have a couple of minor flaws, but I think it is airworthy. Hopefully, someday the FAA will agree.

After two months of building, and I have two assemblies.

What I have learned so far: ...


Day Twenty-Five ...Scott Chastain RV-8


The Dimple Fairy?

R-903. The last four holes have been dimpled, but not by me. Any suggestions.....?  Brand new kit I picked up from Vans myself. Don't get me wrong, I know these are difficult to do. But, I did not think Vans was in the business of helping builders with dimpling.

A: Van's does some dimpling for us on occasion. I for one welcome our new preemptively dimpling overlords.

A: I've noticed that dimpling has been done when it's an odd sized dimple die that the majority of builders won't have in their tool kits.  In the end I see this as a way of increasing the quality of the end product. Thanks Vans.

A: RV12's have quite a few pre dimpled bits and pieces - like you say, difficult places or strange material like firewall.

A: Not a -14, but I was thinking the same thing looking at a rudder piece. I was wracking my brain trying to remember if I dimpled it or not, but realized that yeah, it was pre-dimpled. It would have been a pain to dimple (trailing edge rudder rib), so I welcomed it. Now if we could convince Van's to do more...


Engine Failure Photos (Update) ...strahler13



September 22, 2017.   Issue No. 4,400. 

Tour the Entire Length of 52F's New Runway from a Drone

This latest video courtesy Tyler Chance of www.MyRod.com.  Some clean up still needed, but striping next week and then it's OPEN!!!!  The dirt on the edges has been mostly sculpted and is about ready for seeding.  A 4+ year process finally coming to fruition.

We're excited....obviously.  ;^)

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend.

view video


What we started with back on 8/1.
Yeah, you could say it was worth it.


Panel Update ...taverroi RV-7A

Its taking some time for sure but its ready and installed. So busy with other parts of my life!! But we are getting there! Time for the wiring..working on the harnesses now.


Nose Gear Lessons Learned ...BMW_X6M

Oversize AN175-20A bolt solution worked for me.  My RV-9A has 800 hours now, and made some noise from the front gear when using the toe bar. I found I could rock it back and forth very slightly with the weight off of it. I purchased the oversize bolt and metal lock nut, and it went back in snugly, having to turn an old nut on the bolt to seat it. After final torque with the new nut, I have no more play in the gear.  This is obviously a huge relief and thank you for the creator of this thread. It proved to be valuable information for this non builder.


Eagle's Nest Projects - Two 1st Solos / 1 day and 1000 miles apart


Mothership Hobbs


Day Twenty-Four ...Scott Chastain RV-8


Lycoming Carbureted O-290-D2 EGT out of Family

Something went amiss two days go on a 1 hr. cross country flight at 7,500' and I'm searching for ideas. Perhaps someone here can point me in the right direction. My normal routine when reaching cruise is to pull out the mixture control maybe 1", let things stabilize for a couple minutes as the speed builds up, then start the leaning process with my JPI EDM-700. I usually lean to peak and leave it there unless the engine is running rough. In that case, I enrichen 50 degrees. My four bar EGT display usually isn't quite level, so I adjust the throttle a tiny bit until all four EGTs are a straight line on display. The throttle butterfly works magic to even up my fuel distribution.

So on this flight, EGT 1 (red line) was way low (230F), and EGT 2 (green line) was also low (150F). No matter how I fiddled with the mixture and the throttle, I couldn't get that nice straight line. The engine wasn't running rough, but I could feel an unusual vibration. My airspeed was normal, so I kept on to my destination. (My runup had been completely normal with equal mag drop on both mags.)  ...


Going to Morristown, TN on the 30th ...M McGraw RV-14

My brother and I hope to attend. I'm still working on wheel pants. I may just leave them off and fly.<g>


Reminder from Cynthia at the Mothership

Dear Builders and RV Owners,

This is a gentle reminder for those of you who are about ready to register projects with the FAA, and others who have purchased projects from other builders.

For FAA paperwork, you need to have the License Agreement and Waiver on file with Van’s. ( And, yes, the License Agreement needs to be notarized). Also, you will need to fill out the questionnaire aka Document Request Form, so I have the correct information for the 8050-2 Aircraft Bill of Sale. Please note that the account/builder/serial number assigned by Van’s will be the only number used to identify your project on the 8050-2.

For ownership transfers, I need a copy of the bill of sale as well as the License Agreement and the Waiver signed and on file. This is inclusive for projects and flying planes. For “orphan” kits, an affidavit detailing the history of the kit to the best of your knowledge with as many possible names and addresses relative to the kits’ history will need to be written up and signed before a notary public to create the best paper trail possible for the FAA. I will need a copy of the affidavit for the file.

Without exception, all documents can be scanned and emailed, faxed, or posted in the mail.

If you have any questions, please contact me Monday-Thursday from 8am-4pm PST at 503-678-6545x322 or cynthia "at" vansaircraft "dot" com.




September 21, 2017.   Issue No. 4,399. 

52F Runway Update (video)

A short 19 second video showing the progress.  Runway curing now, grass seed down, paint next week some time.  (hosted on my $4/mo smugmug account)  dr


One fun lap around the Reno pylons ...AX-O

A short and very minimally edited video around the Sport track. Not at full speed and not the race line. Just fun!  Thanks to Matt for the video.


First Build Milestone! ...Bradley Cheshire (Flower Mound, TX)

Hit my first major milestone today! I finished the toolbox practice kit.... :-). Not really a huge deal but that really means I have my shop and tools finally ready to build, which is huge!!!  On to the airfoil kit!!! Hopefully I will have a flying aircraft before it's time to replace the runway at 52F. [ed. That gives you about 30 years ;^P.  dr]

Heading towards Austin to pick up my DRDT next week so I am looking forward to playing with that...  I look forward to the next several years of being an active forum participant and RV builder.


the TAF Board


I recently found this page and have grown somewhat fond of it.  Click on the 'INFO' button top right for the 'how to read the data' instructions.  Click on an identifier (bottom red arrow below) to drill down into the data more (you can change the URL to any TAF-reporting airport that isn't listed here).  For example: https://www.aviationweather.gov/taf/board?ids=KAFW is a little closer to my house, so I saved that bookmark on my smartphone. 

Link added to the Wx page...


Status Report ...David Paul RV-3B

I've been doing a bunch of small boring things like trimming, countersinking, priming and deburring. I finished making the access hatch covers and doublers but haven't riveted any of that together yet.

Both tailcone belly skins are ready to glue on.


Hat Sighting ...The Cards

Tanya and I took the week off of work and were transported across the country to Yakima, Washington for a week of experimental aircraft construction. We're two days in and I'm just having a ball working all of the big-boy toys along side some real experts... ...

related: About the charity cap


Day Twenty-Three ...Scott Chastain RV-8



September 20, 2017.   Issue No. 4,398.
  I'd like to once again thank Jay Pratt of RV Central for letting me go play with his RV-8 for a bit Tuesday morning while our runway is closed (and my RV trapped).  Jaybird, you're a national treasure!  

Grooming the edges on the new runway at 52F.
Asphalt curing...

The W&B thing(part 2)- IS RV-Fun inversely proportional to RV-Weight?

A recent thread I posted on the importance of accurate W&B docs generated a lively discussion and lots of valuable shared experience from veteran RV builders and pilots, so I thought it might be worthwhile to expand the discussion in a few other directions. If this one gets a similar response, the next will be about the temptation to nudge the GW limit upward a bit during the registration process. Stay tuned.

This thread makes reference to the "selfie-quote" In my VAF signature, which seems to have ruffled a few feathers already. Is "RV-Fun is inversely proportional to RV-Weight" a valid statement? Should it be of concern to all RV builders? It may be a bit cryptic, but I think it IS valid for any given RV configuration of engine, prop, and instrumentation.

I'm not an aerodynamicist, and my hard knowledge here is dwarfed by my ignorance, but I do have a limited qualification to bring up the subject based on my experiences as rookie CAFE Foundation test-pilot/author or flight-engineer/volunteer for most of the CAFE APR series published in Sport Aviation during the 1990's, which included four RV models. During these APR's, we measured stick force gradients, explored stall recovery behavior, and flew a structured handling qualities protocol in multiple loading configurations for each aircraft tested, and the overall experience was a real eye opener.

Actually, I'm betting that you RV-vets will have more interesting things to say than me here, so I'll make just TWO points and cut this loose-

1-Absolute Weight- The rewards for lower empty weight are improved performance at any given load and a higher useful load, both more fun in my book. Fortunately, one strength of all Van's aircraft is that they are intrinsically light in weight if built according to the plans, but the designs are also quite sensitive to excess weight for reasons too complex(and too over my head)to fully address here. Ending up with a finished aircraft that is within Van's guidelines requires incredible discipline every step of the way. Weight goes on a little at a time, and the temptation to add more features and equipment because each will "only add a few ounces" is a slippery slope. Those of you just starting to build are in a position to adopt a very strict attitude about weight and maintain it through the whole process. Is it really worthwhile to prime all those inner surfaces on an airplane that will be babied in a hangar? The tired old saw has some truth: "If you are thinking about adding something to your airplane, toss it in the air. If it does NOT fall to the ground, then it is OK to install it."

2- Polar Mass- Of course, everything you put on that airplane is subject to gravity, but there can be very compelling reasons to do so. Not everything has the same impact, though. Comfy seats are SO nice to have, and actually not a bad place to splurge a little because they are practically inside the CG range. A CS prop will be a must-have item on the RV-7A I am looking to buy, and the impressive speed range of most RV's simply cries out for CS, but there is a real price beyond dollars to be paid. Unfortunately, the gold-standard Hartzell is heavy and as far forward of CG as you can get. Flying with a forward CG requires extra down-force from the tail, which requires additional up force from the wing, etc.,etc., a drag-inducing positive feedback loop that, carried to the extreme, can compromise control authority in flair, reduce cruise performance efficiency, and make the aircraft sluggish and unpleasant to fly. The lightest weight solution to these problems is a bit of lead as far back in the tail as you can get. Now you have a better balanced airplane for control authority and efficiency, but one that handles a little bit less like a mid-engine sports car and a little bit more like a dumbbell. The prop and ballast have slightly increased resistance to control in the pitch and yaw axis. A heavy paint job would do the same, but with a price in category one too. A very strong argument can be made for saving even 8-10 pounds at the nose with a composite prop if, like me, you must have CS.

Or maybe you are ready to give up the CS advantages for a nice, light FP prop and maybe even a lighter engine. Great, you have just solved the polar mass problem and will have an incredibly nimble airplane that is a delight to fly. Now you must REALLY pay attention to the CG, limit luggage, hang everything you can toward the front, and really fuss over making the paint job light, or even go without, or you may find yourself needing to add one of those 20 pound crush plates behind that lightweight prop. (Or hey- maybe I SHOULD consider a whirlwind? Sheesh!) Every choice has a consequence.


Full Castoring Tail Wheel-All The Time

In March 2017 purchased a flying RV-6. Unlike the builders who learn and understand what the systems do, I have to ask questions about issues.

Hopefully someone can help with an on-going problem:

My Tail Wheel is not working properly. It is not working when applying rudder inputs, in other words it is full castoring only.

Can someone give me a clue why from the photos?

Where to buy the parts needed as well?


Milestone: 3rd Class ...Tom Swearengen

Significant event today in the life of TS Flightlines.  Finally heard back from the FAA about my 3rd class. YESSSSSSS!  I want to thank all of you that offered words of encouragement the past 6 months. I means alot.

Guess there are no more excuses for not working on my 7.


Day Twenty-Two ...Scott Chastain RV-8

The next morning in Culpeper, I met Carter out in the CAF hangar where he and another guy were making repairs to a bifold door.


Longest flight legs?

I originally built my RV9A with the intention of taking that "some-day" trip around the world with it, which means some rather long flight legs over water. With that in mind I installed outboard wing tanks that give me 67 total gallons, and with a 66 gallon Turtle Pac in the right seat that puts every reasonable oceanic route within reach. As I've been building time on the airplane I like to take longer and longer legs to learn what is needed to keep the airplane happy for those long flights as well as keeping the pilot happy. Yesterday was my longest flight leg to date, coming back home to west Texas from Carson City NV after the Reno Air Races. I logged 1005 nautical miles in 6.5 hours (engine start to engine stop) at 17,500' all the way, burning just 40.3 gallons total with a bit of a tail wind. I'm finding that I'm perfectly comfortable sitting in the cockpit that long and could easily do more, and I'll continue working my way up to the 14 hours that would be needed for California to Hawaii. I'm flying the Classic Aero Sportsman seats and love them.

Curious to hear what other folks have done for very long legs in the air.


Belfast Lobster PIREP ...PilotBrent

Despite the weather, another extremely well organized and great event Governor. Only regret I have is not being able to arrive sooner and stay longer. Bruce and I debriefed our chapter last night about the trip and how well you've fined turned the planning year after year. Its the flyin that completes the summer flying season for me.


Status Report ...jcarne

Well starting the new school year has definitely slowed down my progress these past few weeks but I will not yield! I have also been kind of behind on my posts because I am at a point working on the wings where it doesn't look like much changes as you log the hours. However, I have started the fuel tanks and am trying to get them done before it gets any colder here. Here are some pics.

Tie down holes came out really nice, just have to fabricate some kind of nylon spacer and make the holes ever so slightly larger.



September 19, 2017.   Issue No. 4,397.

An RV-10 Milestone! ...Ivan Kristensen

1000 Hrs.

Yesterday during an IPC (Instrument proficiency check) I topped the 1000hr. total flight time in my RV-10. This airplane has proven to be a great traveling machine with trips from coast to coast. From Moosonee in northern Ontario to Grenada in the Caribbean and many many places in between.

I began building this airplane in April of 2008 with the first flight on June 28th. 2010.  The picture was taken at the Marathon airport in the Florida Keys about a year ago.  Oh yes, did I mention that I passed my IFR flight test...

Three in-flight failures
1. An alternator failure at 10,000ft. over lake Erie, returning from Florida, in semi IMC was a significant event in that is caused a spike in voltage causing the VP-200 to shut everything down. In other words ALL instruments and both EFIS screens went dark, a pilots worst nightmare. With some difficulties hand flying using the standby and internally battery powered Dynon D-100 on the far right of the panel the problem was resolved by re-booting the VP-200, no instruments were damaged so the sec. alternator was brought on line and landed 1/2 hr later at our home base.

2. Again, returning home from the US we were at 14000Ft to top some cloud and icing in very cold temperatures. a further climb was needed to stay out of icing. The A/P was set to command a climb but instead of the airspeed going to 120kts it started to climb. This situation was soon recognized as a blocked/frozen Pitot even though the Pitot heat had be an all the time. Some of you will remember that the Dynon Pitot head had an issue with passing water past the mast into the line allowing it to freeze. Dynon has since replaced all affected units free of charge

3. A complete Magneto failure was experienced returning from Oshkosh in 2014. This was a total non event in that I didn't even know it until a couple of days later when I went to do the pre-takeoff run-up. During the Mag check when I switched off the EI the engine almost quit. Oil had gotten past the seal and saturated the Mag. (One magneto and one Lightspeed EI)

Some notable upgrades along the way
1. With my alternator failure it was obvious that my electrical system was inadequate. An 6amp IBBS system from TCW for backup pwr. to both EFIS' and AHRS' was obtained and installed. Bob Neuman from TCW was a great resource with answers to design and installation questions.

2. A Garmin G-5 EFIS with GPS and internal backup battery was installed on the left side on the instrument panel where it can easily be seen.

3. The Garmin GNS430W was replaced with an Avidyne IFD440 which is a "plug and play" upgrade. This was a significant change and definitely one for the better. The IFD440 is a modern, easy to use large bright touch screen interface with many new features incl airways etc.

4. Recently I also upgraded one of my Grand Rapids Technologies (GRT) EFIS screens from the 8.4" HX to the 8'4" HXr touch. GRT are doing a great job in bringing the latest technology to market and the HXr touch is no exception. This unit brings with it many new features, a great upgrade.


Belfast Lobster Flyin - Debrief ...Dvalcik

Mother Nature wasn't too kind this year, but we still had a good time for those who could make it to Belfast Maine. Due the the weather we had 18 RVrs call or email cancelling their trip early. Fortunately the ones in Florida and the east coast reported they were safe and no damage. Many even local didn't make it due to local IF conditions on Friday.

We had 7 RV show up early and we took advantage of the good weather site seeing around Maine. Robert and his wife had his RV ready for lift off from North Carolina, but weather wasn't good so they switched to the auto and drove up. (Robert we hope you can get your 8 up here next year.). John did get in from Baton Rouge, Peter from Toronto, and Bill from NJ came in Friday afternoon in time for the Lobster Dinner.


New RV 12 Builder in Arizona ...Casey White

Hi everyone

I have an RV12 empennage kit scheduled for delivery on tuesday. I cant wait to get started!


The sleeper awakens! (My engine, that is) ...Scott Balmos

This past Saturday afternoon, after 5 years and 9 months of building, I successfully managed to awaken my plane's engine from its 13-year slumber. She kicked and protested, wanting to go back to sleep twice. But the third time around, I got the gas-to-noise generator to stay up and going.


For reference, it is a Lycoming IO-320-E2A, running the full EFII injection/ignition system, spinning a Catto 3-blade wind generator. The engine was overhauled by its previous owner between 2004 and 2006, and then put into storage. Needless to say, I was subconsciously a nervous wreck, deep down not knowing what to expect. I readily admit that once I had run up to 1800 RPM, saw the temps and oil readings were fine, I took a few seconds to just sit back and enjoy the wind and noise.

A thank you to my Dad for the videography, RV-14 builder Bill Schweinberg for a few checks on attempts 1 & 2, and then a major major thank you to RV builder extraordinaire Jon Thocker of Redline for doing the run-up walk-arounds once the engine cooperated on attempt 3. Jon just happened to be doing his usual biking around the airport Saturday afternoon when he stopped by while I was prepping for attempt 3.

Afterwards, more than anything, there was a huge sense of relief. Here on out, it's bug-fixing and finishing work. But now I know I have, in the most important mechanical sense, a working plane.


Status Report ...kentlik 7A


Elk Strike on Runway ...pilot and pax OK


Reno Results...the RVs


Mid-air Reno w/RV (all OK) ...Ironflight


VAF Cap Sighting ...Reno

Gary Platner (RV-8) with Gold Unlimited 'Strega' pilot Jay Consalvi.


Day 21 ...Scott Chastain RV-8

When I woke up that morning in Blairsville, GA, the second half of the 40-day mission began with me folding up my towels and putting my dirty clothes away and getting dressed. It was Thursday, July 20. It was a little foggy outside and the air was warm and felt a little like melted butter when I stepped out with my bags. The canopy immediately fogged up after I pulled off the canopy cover, and as I was folding it up, my feline friend came over to say good morning. 



We are offering up to $80 off on our standard FPS Flap Positioning System till the end of October. For more details on this and more GREAT PRODUCTS, please visit aircraftextras.com.

FPS-Plus Reflex
Flap Positioning system features are often overlooked. Please take a fresh look at the three systems we offer, the FPS-Plus, Fps-Plus-nt, and FPS-Plus Reflex. Our systems offer the customer a variety of standard features. One feature is the customer’s ability to program the system to accept 1 to 10 flap positions customizing it to your plane. There are no hardware flap stops. You can also reprogram this at any time. Another great feature of our FPS-Plus is the ability to automatically position your elevator trim for every new flap setting. This allows you to stay right on your glide path without ballooning up or sinking every time you change flap settings. This is a GREAT feature for you IFR guys like me. I love that feature. Another good feature of the FPS-Plus is the ability to sense if the flap is bound up and not moving. It will sense this and remove power to your flap or elevator trim motors to prevent motor burn-up. Our FPS-Plus Reflex model was the first flap system available that will operate the reflex flaps properly. This is important for planes like the RV-10 and Murphy Rebel. For more details on this and more GREAT PRODUCTS, please visit aircraftextras.com .


Karl Kruger Panel Pic

Karl emailed me a copy of his panel for my 'hi rez panel pic project'



September 18, 2017.   Issue No. 4,396.
  Sunday was the 15yr anniversary of our family RV-6's first flight.  Thanks again, Van!  

First Flight ...Rob Rickards (Melbourne Australia)

As you all know everybody always asks when will it fly? My answer always was...16 Sept 2016. Ok why so specific? My 60th birthday of course.

Well one year later on my 61st birthday the stars aligned. After a frustrating delay of two weeks due work , weather and a bad head cold my RV7 took to the air.  The first takeoff was so quick and short!

"Kamina" flew dead straight , everything worked and an hour of circles over the field flashed by, with a small skip on landing. Had a good look around and Took her up for another 20 mins. More today.

Thanks to Doug and all on VAF for the incredible resources.

Engine is an Aerosport IO 360.
6 year build.


New Guy ...Mikeandmaz in England

Ordered the Empennage kit today. I've been reading posts on here for a few years now, visited the factory and had a test flight in the 14, and today took the plunge. Never built anything bigger than an air fix model so looking forward to a steep learning curve.....


Garden Valley Eclipse Fly-Out ...BruceEicher

28 planes full of 60 friends enjoying the long epic weekend!  (slide show)


New Guy ...Damien Graham Watertown, NY

Hello. I received the empennage kit for the RV-12iS yesterday, kit number 1072. This is going to be interesting.


Final Report Issued ...RV-6A tip up Australia

In October 2014 an Australian registered RV6A crashed catastrophically into a laneway in a densely populated suburb of a major city. The aircraft hit two houses and several cars and the pilot died on impact.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigated the accident comprehensively and subsequently issued a final report. It suggested that the most likely cause of the crash was the tip-up canopy coming open during flight. For those with a tip-up canopy RV this report will be compelling reading.  ...


Plagued by Engine Stumbling ...Azjulian

I have posted about this before and I thought that I was past the issues, but they seem to have started again. At full throttle I occasionally get an engine stumble, this happened again today twice just after take off and led me to abort the flight.

I have done the following

- taken both carbs completely apart, cleaned with air and carb cleaner
- checked all my fuel lines, at each connection I have run a volume of fuel over time test and I have run several gallons through the lines
- checked my fuel bowls for any contamination several times
- re-synchronized my carbs both mechanically and pneumatically.

The problem had all but disappeared until I experienced it at alititude (9500') on a trip to Payson recently. I confirmed my engine was on the float exchange service bulletin and I swapped all my floats out (one side was 7.7g). But after the float exchange problem seemed to get worse...

As you can see in the image below, when the issue happens its preceeded by the left EGT going 100F hotter than the right (this always happens when you look at the logs).

I also should point out that my static WOT RPM and my climb RPM are pretty much the same, and in climb I seem to lose 50 or so RPM as I climb out, that to me is wrong, but I cant seem to trace any cause and my CHTs and EGTs are cool...

At this stage the only thing I can think of doing is trying to swap out carbs, that it is some strange carb related issue... Can anyone help ? Please I have to say this has totally sapped my enjoyment of an otherwise perfect plane.


Day 20 ...Scott Chastain RV-8

I woke up early in the morning in Claremore, OK, just as it was getting light in the pilot’s lounge. I packed up the plane, started up, and taxied out---thankful that I was able to get a restful night of sleep. I took off on Runway 17 and banked to the southeast, climbing to 11,500. There, I crossed the Mississippi River for the seventh time on that mission.


From Rian at the Mothership



September 15, 2017.   Issue No. 4,395.
  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and RV-filled weekend. 

Formation Flight - AirShow Display Practice ...lucaperazzolli RV-8

As formation flight team we started training in 2014, in a couple of weeks we'll have our first official presence in a local Air Show. This is the 'homebuilt' video that shows last practice flight.

ps: we are flying in full accordance with the tower with our ATZ free of other traffic.


Farewell Cassini, and we thank you...

(off topic but an interest of mine)  The Cassini spacecraft will burn up in Saturn's upper atmosphere early Friday morning at 4:55 a.m. PDT, sending back scientific data until the last of its maneuvering fuel is used up.

1-hr long briefing  (around the 10 min mark it gets fascinating)

JPL Cassini link    NASA Live

related: VAF Thread


ADS-B "Save"...GalinHdz

On Sept 7 I was at 4,00ft IFR talking to Eglin approach on my way to Milton, FL (2R4) when my SkyView display started giving me a "Traffic Warning". The ADS-B indicated I had traffic 3 miles out, approaching me, head on at my same altitude. When the alert showed the traffic at 1 mile, still approaching me head on and still at my altitude I firmly pulled the nose up and turned to the right. A few seconds later I saw a twin engine airplane, about 100ft below me, right where the ADS-B was showing pass by.

When I got over the "scare" I told the controller what had just happened. The controller sheepishly told me it was a Seneca maneuvering in that area. Needless to say I let the controller know I was a little upset about what happened. When I got on the ground I filled out a NASA form just so my little grain of salt is entered into the system.

I don't know if I would I have seen the traffic without the ADS-B "point out" but being able to know where to look for traffic is a significant safety enhancement. In this case I didn't actually see it until it was extremely close. I am so glad I have this in my airplane.


Short Trip Around Belfast ...Dvalcik

Today 5 ships to Knox County Airport to visit the Owls Head Transportation Museum. Vintage vehicles (aircraft, cars & more) are on display inside & around a cavernous hangar.


Breakaway Park Fly-in 9/23 (Austin, TX area)...tcard

Come join us for our annual fly-in picnic on Saturday, September 23rd at Sasser Breakaway Airpark (40XS) in Cedar Park, TX.


Status Update ...Bill Boyd RV-10

Late summer progress.  Got the overhead console out of LeoK's mold and fitted in, more or less.



September 14, 2017.   Issue No. 4,394.
  Wednesday was a red letter day at 52F.  The asphalt is being laid down!!!  Lots of pictures and videos at this link, so please enjoy. 

Some highlights:

Rob Reece (RV-8 Finishing)....and cap sighting.
Many trucks full of 200*F asphalt in background.

The first asphalt goes down.  0800.

Testing compaction and density.

30 second video clip of the action.

See all the pics/videos


Blast from the past- Paint or polish?...Smokey Ray

I recently found this photo I thought I had lost many moons ago, my RV4 over Johnson Creek ID circa 97'.
I couldn't afford paint or amenities so I opted for Met-All polish, "rag bag" from Home Depot with a drill attachment buffer and corn starch. A couple of rattle cans of Kry-Lon for trim, hardware store N numbers from the mail box section and voila', a $16K Sport Plane.

I enjoyed the polished look and weight/cost savings with only two noticeable gripes:
1. On bright sunny days the reflection off the wing shined perfectly into the cockpit with associated temperature increase.
2. Living in FL required monthly polishing touch ups to avoid corrosion.

I finally decided to paint while at a rural KS fuel stop coming home from ID.
The elderly airport manager took one look at my RV4 and said: "Paint or polish, make a decision!"


You know when they teach you to not get too slow because you might enter a spin?

Meet the luckiest pilot on Earth.  That tree was in the only place it could be to save his life.  Minor scratches and released from the hospital the same day.



We qualified 28 pilots today ...AX-O at Reno

We qualified 28 pilots today in the Sport class.  There were 5 planes that had some sort of issue before the sat 1200 dead line. I was the last stand by to make it.  This years speeds will show lower because the way the speed is calculated changed.  Come by and say hi. We are outside by the T-6s.

Ken Linde photo of AX-O (2016)


Day Nineteen- Part I ...Scott Chastain RV-8



September 13, 2017.   Issue No. 4,393.

From The Mother Ship: The first RV-14A to fly in Europe

Plane is based near Stuttgart, Germany.  Builder is Stefan Schroter.

"The story started at the AERO exhibition in 2016... where I sold my RV7A.

Actually, the real story started at Vans in Oregon in 2005 when I visited Vans Aircraft.  The adventure began when I met DARYL (Mr. VERY EASY and Mr. NO PROBLEM).

I bought a RV7A because Daryl was so enthused and spoke so much about this model that I didn’t dare not to sign the order. Please don’t ask me how many problems I had to face, or the mental battle I had with myself after signing the order.

As a result of this signature, I spent more than 3 hard years of my life building an aircraft. Thankfully Daryl was always at my side from across the water with plenty of support and advice. (Sometimes he solved the problem).

At the AERO 2016 exhibition last year, a genuine earl came to the stand and asked Daryl if he could buy my aircraft.

Daryl simply suggested, “ask Stefan NO PROBLEM”... and this in fact was the trigger to the second story.  Again I went to Oregon, visited Vans or better still visited a very enthused Daryl and again he spoke a lot how great a RV14A would be especially for me... same story. And we all know how the first one ended.  This time after only 12 months of building I could put the painted parts together (prop., engine and all other pieces mounted à la Daryl) and I had my first flight on 29th of August in EDTY.

My special thanks go to: (please ignore the sequence of names)

Daryl Sahnow (a real friend – no joke)
Marcin Oberski (specialised in riveting)
Armin Kienzle (specialised in canopy adapting)
Klaus-Peter Morhard (specialised in all things)
Christoph Koal (specialised in handling)
Steffen Aufrecht (specialised in handling)
Werner Koch (my examiner)
Roger Hiller (painter)
Tihomir Katic (saddler)
Farmers of my little village
(many of them gave me a third hand)

Es grüßt aus dem schönen Altersberg
Very best regards from lovely Altersberg,

Stefan Schröter"


Q: Avionics Cooling Fan

What have you guys done about that? I am at that point so trying to get ideas. I love to use the cyclone 21-3 but the price is pretty steep for a fan!
Got ideas and pics to share?

A: (Stein from SteinAir) Many of the modern avionics and EFISes have their own cooling fans in or on them, and in addition to that perhaps the most important thing is to have some sort of vent holes in the glareshield (or even a couple muffin fans). That should allow that dead space between the main panel and sub panel to be ventilated and kept at a good temperature, so everything should be good (as Bob noted, those glareshield fans also work as defrosters too).

Just my 2 cents as usual!



Day Eighteen- Part II ...Scott Chastain RV-8

It was still morning when I heard the memory of a sheriff named, Matt Dillon, to get out of Dodge. I blasted out over the bumpy air and cruised to the northeast for about sixty miles before I made my approach into the next town.


Time for Some Overdue Refurbishment ...Bill Boyd RV-6A

I'm looking at a disgusting mess, here. Almost sorry I didn't snap pictures last evening to illustrate. None of this is new, but it's in my face now, having reached a point where I can't keep ignoring it simply because flying is more fun than fiberglass work (who knew, right? )

I pulled the cowl to begin replacement of my alternator and DC power distribution wiring. It was ugly. The glass is wearing badly where the nose gear strut meets the lower cowl. The lower cowl is heat-discolored from gradual loss of the aluminum foil I glued inside (not well-enough) 20 years ago. The engine seeps some oil, now, which finds its way to the bottom and has saturated the composite where I failed to seal it well enough, or at all, with resin during construction (I could fill a book with things I know now that I didn't know then. This is such an educational activity ) The gel coat, and with it, the paint has spider-webbed in a thousand different stress concentrations all over the outer surface. The shoulders of countersunk screw holes are wearing oversize and thin...

The DuPont polyurethane paint formula I'll need when I'm finally ready for basecoat/clearcoat repair was lost in a house fire, so we'll have to color match by other, imperfect means.

I am confident after all my recent RV-10 canopy top experience that I can fix these issues with epoxy, cloth and micro. But I'm not confident I can get epoxy to adhere properly to oil-soaked fiberglass. It's literally oozing through exterior pinholes that have opened up in the toasted areas near the exhaust pipes.

What's the best way to try to clean this mess up for repair? I'm sure it's going to involve elbow grease and a hazmat suit


John Mastro Checks In ...in IRMA's path (RV-8)

SmilingJack made it throught the storm without me!

I am not back yet, but my friend stopped by the hangar and did awalk around. Floor a little wet from all the rain, but that was water that made it 50 ft from the hangar door.

The office carpet was dry, no broken windows or doors. Lost a few pieces of facia. But nothing else.

I can't post pictures, but as Vernon said in another post Naples got hit hard!

Half a dozen hangar damaged.

I hope everyone is safe and ok and their airplanes too.

What a massive storm! Harvey, Irma....go away Jose!


Naples, FL VAF User Checks in ...vernon smith

Naples took a pretty good hit, Naples airport reported max gust at 149. Fortunately, the eye wall started to fall apart shortly there after. When it went 4 miles east of my place wind speeds were estimated to be less than 130. It was quite a ride. 7 Kv Honda portable generator running the refrig and a one room AC unit plus plenty of lights and computer/hand held charging equipment. Comcast will not be seen again for a week, this is coming to you by Verizon Jet Pack. Kind of a Mother Nature imposed deluxe camping trip


Relocation from Hurricane Ins. Info ...Gallagher Aviation

With the payout usually only being $500 to $1,000, most insurance companies will not take the relocation reimbursement into consideration when writing the policy. The insurance companies would still need to know about the event, but it would be more of an activity rather than a claim.

The point of offering the relocation reimbursement is so the insurance company does not have to pay for the full hull value of the aircraft. You are taking care of your aircraft in a time of need which helps both you and them so the insurance companies will not punish you for that.



September 12, 2017.   Issue No. 4,392.

EAA Podcast With Richard VanGrunsven - The Green Dot! ...32min

On the most recent episode of EAA’s The Green Dot podcast, the team was joined by legendary aircraft designer and EAA board member Richard VanGrunsven to discuss the history of Van’s Aircraft, the most popular RV models, and why flying an RV brings that signature grin to a pilot’s face.


Centre Section Bulkhead #10 Countersink ...Richard Connell RV-10

I think I'm going mad.  I've drilled all the WD-1021-PC Landing gear mounts to the bulkhead with a #12 drill as instructed.  I need to machine countersink the 2 holes shown for a #10 screw.  My #10 countersink pilot clearly won't go in a #12 hole.  What am I missing?  How do I countersink these holes. Is such thing as a #12 pilot countersink?


RV-10 Tug ...Jason McKay

I converted a snowblower into a tug for my 10. Works really well for one person and can covert it back in 30 minutes or so.


Day Eighteen- Part I ...Scott Chastain RV-8


Day Eighteen- Part I (cont.)


Day Eighteen- Part I (cont.)


Video Status Report ...kiljoy RV-14

So the last week has been interesting. I had taken the week off in hopes of rest and recuperation. Instead it was frantic work and trying to get my head wrapped around the responsibilities of being a flying club maintenance officer.

Anyways, that's all still a mess but there is at least a light at the end of that tunnel. I did manage to get some build time in between work emergencies and plane maintenance work. The ailerons are now doing just fine that I secured some proper drill bits. High speed steel = ****. I mean they're fine for aluminum but stainless steel just laughs at them. I almost had a L vs R mirroring part issue but I managed to avoid that so no ordering of new parts for me!

Here are a few of the vids I put together. There's a few more but those will have to come later. Enjoy:





September 11, 2017.   Issue No. 4,391.
  It’s a somber mood today, with so many lives being disrupted by Harvey and Irma, and it being the anniversary of the terrorist attack of 9/11/01.  I wish I had more feel good news to make the vibe a little lighter, but I don’t think it would be appropriate.
  I’m profoundly, unwaveringly grateful for my family and friends, and have those who have been impacted by natural disaster and hate in my thoughts and prayers.
  One uplifting thing to report from over the weekend - Jay Pratt of RV Central fame let me fly his RV-8 Borrowed Horse* for an hour over the weekend. It’s been (5) weeks since I’ve been off the planet's surface (runway closed for replacement), he told me to 'come back when I got tired'.  I’d offer up my RV to him if the roles were switch.  Much more sensitive in roll and yaw than my -6 (to me), but you get used to it quick.  Jay, thank you!  Great guy...great friend!  Read about the 'borrowed horse' at the link below...you might enjoy it.

*Paul Revere rode a borrowed horse (source)


Finally Done ...JOEPILOT RV-12

After 5 plus years, RV-12, N731JN is finally licensed, inspected and insured.

Special thanks to DAR Jon Ross for flying into 3N6 to do the inspection on August 31. And again to him and his friend Mike who graciously let Jon give me a two hour checkout to make the insurance man happy.

Thanks again guys, the two of you are what make general aviation such a great endeavor.


Flights for Lt Col Dick Cole's 102nd Birthday ...ChrisF16 RV-4

I was honored to participate in the flyovers for Lt Cole Dick Cole's 102nd birthday bash this week. I was #4 in a flight led by a 1944 SNJ (T-6) and the other flight was led by the B-25 Yellow Rose and included a P-39!

FMI on Doolittle Raider Dick Cole HERE.


New Wording for Passenger Warning ...Mel

Just a "heads-up", as of September 21st, 2017, new ruling on the Passenger Warning;

Except for single place aircraft, the following placard must be displayed in the aircraft in full view of all occupants: “PASSENGER WARNING—THIS AIRCRAFT DOES NOT COMPLY WITH FEDERAL SAFETY REGULATIONS FOR STANDARD AIRCRAFT.”

Note that Experimental, Light-Sport, or Amateur-Built is no longer required wording. This makes for a more "standardized" placard.



September 8, 2017.   Issue No. 4,390.
  We're at the end of week five of what is (hopefully) a seven week runway construction project.  I'm missing RV flight something awful.  The yearly annual is now done on the RV-6, and it waits to use its new runway sometime soon.  Going to be nice.
  Hoping all the folks in the path of IRMA have their families out of harm's way.  Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and hurricane-free weekend.

Annual complete...waiting on the runway


48 States in two weeks ...joe_rainbolt RV-7A

...I've been everywhere, man...

Get the details in 4 parts. The first two are available now and the next two will be posted within the next week as I finish them.


Tank Repair Question ...Gil Alexander RV-6A

After 18 hrs I have the start of the "dreaded blue stains" from the right tank upper baffle.

I have Vans repair kit and now have 5 large holes in the rear baffle. I have started scraping away the somewhat marginal proseal fillet along the rear baffle, fiddly work but quite doable.

My real question is "what tool do I use to add a new fillet?" Since it's essentially in a blind location and mirrors are needed my usual popsicle tool or SEM air powered dispenser won't work.

How have others got their goop into place?

I intend to remove as much of the existing skin/baffle proseal and hen use adhesion promoter under the new proseal. Since it will be 85 F plus in the afternoon in the hangar the proseal should flow fairly well.

Some things I found out already that might help others -

1. 5 inch holes are easily cut with a m Milwaukee hole saw from the local Ace store. The manager said it's probably the only one he's sold of that size.

2. The part of my Pepto-Bismol cowling that was cut away for the oil door makes a great proseal scraper.


The VAF Hurricane Inland Relocation List ...offer up some space if you have it.

Tip: Once in the thread, scroll down to the bottom and look for the field below.  You can search this single thread for a city name or state that would be a spot you might be wishing to go.  Find it fast.


Wheel/Skis Drawings for RV-8 ...Planenut

If you wish to install fixed penetration wheel/skis on your RV8 (only RV8)
These wheel/skis were designed as a safety solution in case I need to land urgently flying during winter, they are used on semi-prepared snow and ice, I have flown out of 18 inch soft powder but it was kind of its limits, not designed for real deep or slushy conditions. I've been using them for 5 years and a good friend recently did the drawings for me, I have photos and will be working on the bill of materials.
I will not provide answers to questions or design a set of skis for any other RV models.  continue


Rudder Repair ...kstone

I have a bought -7A that rode out Harvey in Houston. Only issues were water over the wheels and slight damage to the rudder due to rudder lock breaking. Insurance says I need two bids for repair. Any suggestions in the Houston area? Airplane is flyable (after wheels/brakes repaired). Thanks in advance!


Day Seventeen ...Scott Chastain RV-8

I woke up to my alarm the next morning at 6:00, but I was so groggy that I rolled over and snoozed for another thirty minutes before I got up and went downstairs to get my laundry out of the dryer. ...


Because my Life Isn't Complex Enough ...kiljoy RV-14 videos

Hi all,

So I've polished off most of the elevators. The leading edges are done. I learned from my rudder experience and these went down very smoothly. I only accidentally put the lower skins on top of the upper skins on only one section of one elevator. Thankfully that was caught before riveting.

Anyways I've moved onto the wings. Inventory is done which is always fun. I've started on the ailerons first. I'll be doing those and the flaps first since they're small and I can hide them away. I'm basically doing all of the smaller work first. I may even do the tanks before the main wings? Not sure yet.

One thing I do know is that I bought crappy drill bits and trying to drill holes through that stainless steel counterweight bar has ruined about 3 drill bits so far.

On a side note my available building time I'm afraid is going to possibly be going down. The maintenance officer on the board of my flying club has retired. I was approached for the position and I've been elected to do the job. Now on top of my plane I'm responsible for maintaining a fleet of 4 aircraft and the 130 member's lives that fly them. It's a crash course to be sure but I'm leaning a lot. Just hired a great A&P to be the club's mechanic and I'm learning everything I've ever wanted to know.

Anyways, here are some videos from working on the wing. Enjoy:




September 7, 2017.   Issue No. 4,389.

George Michaels (Corona, CA) RV-7A Gets Its Paint

Now the the terror of scratching begins...


Another new Rv-12 builder! ...Jeff chimes in (Charlotte, NC)

After probably 20 years of dreaming about it I sent my kit order into Vans (empennage and wings to start).

I had planned on building an RV-9 as soon as my daughter was finished with school (and I was finished paying for it Lol). But the more I looked at the 12 the more I liked it and the better it fit my mission. I was able to get an intro ride from Vic in Atlanta and I was hooked.

I ordered the tool kit from Cleveland a few weeks ago and sent my kit order in today. I ordered the wings at the same time thinking I would have a long wait (Vans website says a 20 week wait) but AnnMarie said it’s down to about 10 weeks currently. So I guess I’ll have the wings in a box for a while.

I want to thank Doug [ed. You are very welcome!!!] and this site for keeping me interested for so long and Vic for the great 12 intro.

Any words of wisdom before I dive in?


Day Sixteen ...Scott Chastain RV-8

I got up at about 6:30 and prepared to depart Liberty. My devotion that morning concluded with Paul’s final appeal to Caesar for exoneration and for the freedom he ultimately would attain only through death in Rome. I finished my reading and prayers, then packed up the Dove for departure. It was time to fly over Houston.

Departing on Runway 17, I made a turnout to starboard and set up for cruise at only 1,200 feet to stay well below the Houston Class Bravo. The oil industry infrastructure prominently whitened the landscape as I flew toward my first waypoint at Baytown.


Lose 2 Cylinders at Idle ...Jesse

I have a plane here with a Lycoming O-360 that has been down for a panel upgrade. When we start the engine, Cylinders 1 & 4 drop out at Idle. At power (pretty much anything over 1,000RPM) the EGT's and CHT's come up, but at idle, they drop back out. It flew fine and made good power. The engine has 2-300 hours.

We checked for stuck valves and they are fine, not stuck or even a little sticky.

We can test new plugs, but the chance of having both plugs on two different cylinders dropping out the same is very low.

We have looked for intake leaks, and haven't completely ruled that out, but everything looks great on those cylinders.

Leaning out at idle doesn't change anything, but the RPM does increase significantly.

Any other thoughts, things to try?


Sept Sport Aviation...read article featuring Mr. Bob Vosburg on page 34

[ed. Side note: Bob completed his RV-8 at Jay Pratt's RV Central (where I finished my RV-6).]


DID YOU KNOW about hurricane relocation reimbursement 2 ...Gallagher (VAF advertiser)

First and foremost, we here at Gallagher Aviation hope that everyone was able to stay safe during Hurricane Harvey. With clean-up just beginning, another part of the nation is getting ready to face the same situation, We decided to put this information back out there if in the event you need to contact us or your insurance company.

Did you know that many aviation insurance policies will reimburse you to move your aircraft out of the path of a named hurricane or wind storm?

In light of Hurricane Harvey and the incoming Hurricane Irma, we wanted to remind you to check with your insurance company about a possible hurricane relocation reimbursement program. Each company is different, but several offer a reimbursement program if you have relocated your aircraft to be out of the way of an the oncoming hurricane. These companies would rather pay the reimbursement expenses (usually up to a set limit) rather than pay for a totaled aircraft. If you’re wondering if your insurance company partakes in a program like this, it will be listed in your policy. You can also contact your insurance broker for more information.

If you were unable to move your aircraft and need to turn in a claim, here are numbers for the companies we insure Vans Aircraft through:

• Global Aerospace - 913-451-9660 or 888-228-2281
• AIG - 866-463-0408 / AerospaceClaimsPhoenix@aig.com
• AIM/Aerospace – aimclaims@hallmarkgrp.com
• Starr – 404-946-1400 / aviationclaimreports@starrcompanies.com/if an emergency Jeffrey Greenawalt 214-223-0202
• U.S. Specialty Insurance Company - 801-467-8731 / claims@ussic.com
• QBE – Western USA 208-891-3275 / Eastern USA 513-833-7076 / Southern USA 470-277-0048
• SAU – 877-371-9774 / 7356ANSA@yorkrsg.com
• Old Republic – 770-590-4950 / http://www.oldrepublicaerospace.com/...t-a-claim.aspx
• USAIG - 866-789-1986 / Michael.wilhelms@usaig.com AND Carol.Turner@usaig.com

Gallagher is thinking of everyone affected in the path of Irma and hoping everyone stays safe.


Gallagher Aviation & Irma ...Tom Valenzia


I just notified Jennifer Cummins at Gallagher that I will be unable to move the -12 if Irma becomes a factor in the Charleston, SC area. I have the aircraft disassembled for service bulletin maintenance and engine overhaul / upgrade. I sent Gallagher current photos of the aircraft in its current state of disassembly. I received a callback from Jennifer 30 minutes after sending the email. She discussed my situation with the underwriters and they agreed to waive my 5% hurricane loss deductible in the event of a total loss of the aircraft.

What a great company! Hopefully this post will be of value for some of you that are insured through Gallagher and unable to move your aircraft.



September 6, 2017.   Issue No. 4,388.

N16GN is No Longer Flying Naked! ...airguy


First Flight - Yahoo ...Mike RV-9A

Yesterday my plane took to the skys at Lebanon-Springfield airport here in bluegrass country. At the controls was Bobby Hester a fellow forum member as well as an RV-7A builder/pilot. Bobby flew two 1/2 hour sessions feeling out the performance and characteristics of the plane. Even though I've had transition training within the last year my flying skills still aren't to the level of being a qualified/capable test pilot. Bobby graciously accepted that task for me. Feedback from Bobby is such that I have a sweet flying plane.

Thank you Bobby. Glad I didn't have to make that call to your wife.

Also I would like to thank Terry Kohler who I flew with in his 9A recently to improve my flying skills after a decade layoff. Terry's wisdom and honesty made it easier for me to make the decision to have someone more experienced take on that test pilot task.

A few more hours of dual and then I can do my first flight in my 9A. Need to improve my crosswind skills seeing that's all we have here at Lebanon-Springfield.


Day Fifteen ...Scott Chastain RV-8

It was Friday, July 14, in St. John the Baptist Parish when I got up that morning to make some coffee in the kitchenette. As I was packing up, there came into the terminal building a man by the name of Landry, the flightline employee and fueler for the airport. He was wearing a white U.S. Air Force hat and he spoke in a thick southern drawl when I introduced myself and told him that I would be topping off shortly and taking off.

After I packed up and preflighted the Dove, I pushed her over to the pumps. I was filling up when Landry and three other men in dark blue uniforms came walking over. One of them said, “Good morning!” and I did the same in reply. Landry introduced the men. They worked for the Port of Louisiana Marine Division.

I thought I was in trouble for something. There were those grain elevators loading up a ship on the Mississippi the night before, and for a split second, I thought maybe the port authority was there to investigate me. I thought maybe the guy on the golf cart reported the New York license plates on the Sentra and maybe found my witness of the levee operation suspicious.

Ritchie, the oldest in the group, introduced himself as a Commander in the Marine Division, and he said that he had worked there for 17 years. Then Ritchie told me that he and his men had come out onto the ramp to learn about the 40-day flying mission I was on, to learn about the Dove, and to just walk around her for a few minutes to admire the aircraft. Ritchie asked about where I came up with the name, Descending Dove, and when I alluded to the anointing of Jesus by the Holy Spirit following his baptism, everyone in the group knew about that biblical scene and suddenly took a renewed interest in the mission I was flying through America.  continue

Day Fifteen (cont.)


Completed first solo ...RV-7A builder Garet Hess

A bit of a pat on the back moment for me...  Well happy to report that I have completed Ground School and wrote my PPL written exam, so I finally have time to get back on the build.  But more importantly August 28, 2017 marks my first solo!!!  It's strange how quickly things fall into place for a student pilot. I was feeling so out of place on landings not long ago, then all of a sudden things click. Next thing you know your all alone in the plane with so much elbow room and your knocking out circuits all by yourself!! Sad that the first solo is over so soon....Looking forward to all the future solos.


Sep/Oct FAA Safety Briefing 

The September/October 2017 issue of FAA Safety Briefing explores the critical role flight instructors play in keeping the National Airspace System safe. Feature articles focus on flight instructor requirements and best practices as well as the many tools and educational resources that can help sharpen your teaching skills.



September 5, 2017.   Issue No. 4,387.
  Over the long weekend I updated the RV White Pages, Probable Cause List, Courtesy Cars & Food list and Calendar Wallpaper.   On Friday they mixed in the last bit of Portland cement base into our new runway project (pic).  All mixed up, flattened, watered, leveled and cured hard as concrete down to 12" (pic).  Asphalt scheduled for end of this week.
  Hope you had a nice weekend. 


Meeting VAF Friends in Northern Italy ...Lucaperazzolli

It's always a joy to receive a visit from a VAF friend.  It's the beautiful thing of RVs family.  Here we are, in my hangar with Ray and his loved Jenny (she's taking the picture).  We spent an afternoon together (RV talking) with pizza for dinner in company with my wife Katia and my daughters.  They are from Australia and Ray is building an RV-7A, ready to install the engine.


Rest in Peace Logan Mason ...Bob Kelly post

Logan Mason passed away last evening. He was 19.

Most of you didn't know Logan, although some may have met him at Oshkosh, 2014. Logan was an RV-12 builder, first with Eagle's Nest, then with AviationNation. He had worked on three airplanes and was a dedicated kid.

At Oshkosh, I was quite disappointed in Logan--he couldn't keep up with the group. He was 14 and I was 70. Two weeks later he was diagnosed with bone cancer. Logan laid out of school for one year getting treatment. When we started AviationNation, he was back for his senior year and back to building. He really wanted to build, and to fly. He was a big plus to the build process. All the students will miss him. So will I.


Day Fourteen ...Scott Chastain RV-8

I woke up earlier than usual in Adel, then went back to sleep. Eventually, I got up and packed my things. I did not want to say goodbye to Adel. It was such a friendly place to stay that leaving, although it was something I had to accept, almost felt like a very unfriendly thing to do given how well I was treated there.

A pilot came early that morning and took the C-150 up for a flight. I saw the Dove sitting alone on the tarmac as the morning sun reflected through the glass patterns of the terminal building onto the asphalt.

Day Fourteen (cont.) part 2
Day Fourteen (cont.) part 3
Day Fourteen (cont.) part 4
Day Fourteen (cont.) part 5
Day Fourteen (cont.) part 6
Day Fourteen (cont.) part 7


NE Acro Contest ...Oliver Spatscheck

Last weekend I finished my 3rd acro contest (2nd sportsman contest) and I am still somewhat disappointed that there are no other RVs around in the North/East. Only one I saw was Ron last year at Mason Dixon which is really the southern part of the North/East.

Anybody out there?

Next contest I will go to is Keene Fall Classic


I haven't been there but that seems like the perfect contest for somebody to get started. Only one day long, only primary and sportsman offered.

So you don't have to worry about the 3 overnights. Taking vacation on Friday etc... .

Anybody up for it? I am at N40 if you want to chat.


Reno '17 ...Ross Farnham

With Reno fast approaching, I'm looking forward to meeting many VAF members and others there on Saturday and Sunday. I'll be hanging around the Sport Class pits near Andy Findlay's orange Stihl Lancair (Race 30) a lot. Look for the guy with the SDS T shirt and feel free to tap me on the shoulder.

There will be some new entries in Sport Class which is good to see.

Should be a great time!


Petit Jean '17 Status Report ...Bill Schlatterer

Hard to believe it but it's Petit Jean time again. The leaves will be turning, the air will be brisk, and the trails will be perfect This year the Gathering is on for Nov. 3, 4, & 5 and the Petit Jean RV'ator group(s) are planning on making this years RV Gathering one of the very best! Always big thanks to the Rockefeller Conference Center and Arkansas State Parks & Tourism. Couldn't do it without them. :--) Lots of news so don't expect short

Last years event started with 300 OVC and ended with maybe the most successful and satisfying Gathering ever! When the OVC lifted on Saturday, we had 71 airplanes arrive between 11:30 and 1:30. ATC said we were the busiest airport in Arkansas .... for a day.  ...



September 1, 2017.   Issue No. 4,386.
  Several links dedicated to helping victims of Hurricane Harvey can be found HERE.

RV-10 First Flight Report ...Fredrik in Stockholm, Sweden

I finally made the first flight on the 27:th of August. This is the first 10 built in Sweden and it was also the first time I ever flown in a RV-10. It handled beautifully with no surprises.

Building started in January 2014 and it took 3.5 years or 2225 hours to finish.

About SE-XTE: Engine - Lycoming 540 with electronic fuel injection and ignition from flyefii.com
Propeller - Hartzell two bladed constant speed.
Instruments - Dual Garmin G3X, GTN 650, Garmin autopilot from SteinAir who also did panel engraving.
Interior - All Aerosport Products except for home made overhead console.  continue


Harvey Relief Flights ...smokyray

For those of you interested in Operation Air Drop, here is the gouge:

If you plan on being a part of Operation Air Drop (link) and file IFR into KCXO…the TFR should not be a problem. If you want to enter VFR (via Flight following), you will need to call the FAA and receive a squawk code (same code used for departure).

Call 512-782-5447 and tell them you will be delivering supplies (baby formula, diapers, sleeping bags, toiletries) into KCXO and need a squawk code to enter the TFR. They should provide the code. Be sure and call before you depart. It is important to squawk the code upon departing the TFR as well and then release your code once clear of the TFR so others can get a code. ATC should accommodate you.

Thanks for caring...


Day Thirteen ...Scott Chastain RV-8

It was dark outside when I got up around 5:45 the next morning in Immokalee. I stuffed the bag into its sack and brought my gear out to the plane to pack up. I found a bright green tree frog enjoying itself on the vertical stabilizer. Condensation covered the plane and the air felt like something you could almost swim in. Before I cranked over, I pushed the Dove over to the pumps to top off. 

Day Thirteen (cont.)

Day Thirteen (cont.)

Day Thirteen (cont.)


ADS-B Rebate Flight Success (I think) ...Ed Wischmeyer

When I bought my RV-9A, it had a primitive UAT out transmitter, the kind that, if I recall correctly, had a non-approved GPS position source, the aircraft N# code (in hexadecimal) and transponder code had to be set before each flight with a cell phone app, and no barometric altimetry. I flew with that a while, but it got 86ed when I did the big panel rework.

So along comes the rebate program, and the first step of the web application was rejected because my plane was previously ADS-B equipped. I wrote to adsbrebatehelp.gov and explained the situation. They saw no evidence of any earlier flights with ADS-B so we’re good to go.

Then that evening, they wanted make and model of the removed equipment. No problem, as fortunately, I found a photo of the data plate of the removed unit with the serial number written in magic marker. That was satisfactory, we’re good to go.

I also asked what I needed to do on the acceptance flight, and they referred me to a web page that said what airspace I needed to fly in, and for at least 30 minutes, but nothing more specific. That web page referenced AC 20-165B, which calls for an hour long flight, but not as restrictive in the airspace. I called AOPA, and they said two 360s each direction, plus flying over a fixed point N/S and E/W. OK, can do, we’re good to go.  continue


Dry board on Audrey's First Day Teaching

[ed. Off topic, but a LOT of donations went into filling this kid's brain with this, so call it proof your donations were spent well <g>  v/r,dr]
As you might already know, our daughter Audrey is required to teach as well as take classes at Berkeley while she gets her PhD in Chemical Biology.  She sent us a picture of the dry board of day one.  I understood only her name....

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Advice on Older RV Avionics Full Upgrade ...ansonfogel in Salt Lake

Oh Wise Wizards of the VAF - I am a recent buyer of Tom Whelen's 1994 built RV4, a wonderful machine, well maintained, low hour, impeccably built - in 1994. All steam, barely useful GPS, etc - and showing signs of wear on the various electrical systems. So. I've been obsessively researching (I am an engineer by training, so get ready for a nerdy post):

I am fairly settled, and have quotes from Stein, for a single 10" G3X based EFIS and mostly garmin parts including full ADSB in/out, etc. My mission is VFR only, but I do fly often cross country for work and personal travel. I fly in mountains a lot - based in Utah, fly over CO Rockies at lot, etc. Space inside is a big limiting factor in RV4's, and I'd love to delete the lower between legs stack altogether. I fly by myself 75% of the time, with a passenger 25%. I do light aerobatics but no competition - I mostly fly to and from places in the west, XC. I cruise often at 12-14K feet, and my airfields are mostly at least 4K feet ASL.

Plan to is install all electric, no more steam. Garmin G3x, w/XM (like the better resolution and reliability over ADSB only), engine monitor, GPS20 adsb complaint GPS, heated pitot/AOA replace, Garmin pitch and roll servos using on board G3X controls (only, plane has no autopilot or electric trim now), GTR20 remote com, integrate existing King Com as Com2, Garmin GTR45 ADBS source/out/transcvr, and G5 backup instrument with its own battery. Update/move analog switching, alternator, battery - but keep those analog breakers and switches, no solid state new control box for that (?) in a new panel.

My debates are a few:  continue


Panel Status Pics ...YvesCH in Basel, Switzerland

I am also installing a G3X in the back seat but I cut out some space for the knees to slide in.


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