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May Wallpaper

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May 23, 2018.   Issue #4,571.

Pic From Mr. X

Mt. Rainer sunrise.

related: more Mr. X pics


RV-10 Seat Height Q/A

Q: I am playing around with panel layout (Rain kept me from canopy top work). However, I won't have my finishing kit for another month or so. Therefore, I have no real way to gauge seat height. Can someone give me an approximate height of the seat cushion top from the seat base? By base, I mean the rectangular .063 panel with all of the lightning holes in it.

A: It depends.  You'll come to relish those times when you can't work on the cabin top or doors, but do something else instead

That seat height is a fuzzy measurement. It'll depend on how much you squash the seat. The top of the seat cushion is also not "flat" and not parallel to the floor. Here's a couple of pictures that might help:


How To Build a Workbench ...David Paule

I've made eight of these so far. They all are doing their job now. They are relatively easy to make and go together quickly.

I use a circular saw and an electric screwdriver/drill. The hand tools needed are mostly a carpenter's square and some C-clamps. I like Titebond II or III and use 4 deck screws at each frame joint.

Mine differ by size, of course, and some have bolts at the bottom for adjustment and the rest have wheels. These minor details on yours, are left for you. The only real comment is that if you install wheels, get robust ones. The table for my ceramic barbecue, a Big Green Egg, is highly loaded and the urethane tires aren't lasting. The various tables with metal wheels are all doing fine.


Very strange A/P problem - pls help me troubleshoot!

TruTrak Vizion 385 installed with Garmin GTN650 and HS43 module.

Was on a long cross country over the weekend and discovered the AP will only hold course, not altitude, gotta be the elevator servo or wiring right - here's the kicker - elevator control still works for fully coupled approaches!

Here's a breakdown:

1. Flying along, I select an altitude and vertical speed, engage AP, course is flown, but no elevator changes or fore/aft stick resistance to manual control.

2. I manually fly to the selected altitude and AP displays the normal "approaching altitude" and "altitude hold" messages but again, no exerts no actual control of elevator, no servo hum or resistance to moving the stick fore and aft - doesn't matter if I select existing altitude or dial in an ascent or descent or even if I just use wing level feature - in cruise flight, not elevator control is exerted by AP.

I thought it was possibly a bad elevator servo or a bad connection to the servo but....

3. When on a RNAV approach, I was somewhat startled when between IAF and FAF, (get glide slope indication from GPS) the AP display switched from ALT HLD to CPLD and the AP controled elevator servo all the way down for a successful fully coupled approach with vertical guidance.

This is 100% repeatable. No AP control of elevator in cruise - but once vertical guidance comes from GPS - boom it works.

So the servo is working - it's just not getting any guidance except when coupled.

I sent an email to TruTrak too


Status: 7A Rebirthing ...kentlik


IFR Training Status ...Jeremy Constant RV-7A

This is all very timely for me. I started my instrument training in Sept and it was put on hold due to my 300xl dying. I'm in the middle of an extensive rework of the panel with an ifd440 becoming my ifr GPS. It's a long slog.

In the process of thinking about equipment I recalled several local folks who fly down to Southern California reasonably regularly talking about remarkably frequent GPS outages, where there is essentially no GPS signal for significant amounts of time. The theory is that there is GPS signal jamming going on at one of several military installations in the region and one or more of those facilities is actually developing and testing jamming technology. The point being that my sense of warm and fuzzy surrounding the reliability of GPS got a bit of a reality check and the importance of ground based navigation was reinforced.

I'm still working on the panel installation and rat's nest of wiring, but I think I am firmly in the "putting it back together" phase, rather than the "taking it apart" phase!

[ed. Who is Jeremy?  He's the guy with the violin.  Gotta be in the top three best VAF cap photos ever!  v/r,dr]


Mothership Employment Opportunities


How to Minimize the Chance You Could be Dealing with a Scammer

...when using the classifieds.

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photo courtesy Van's Aircraft, Inc.






photo courtesy Fred Bauer, Jr.

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