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Just finished converting the O-320-A2B to an AIO-320-A2B in my RV4.

Thought some of your readers might find it of interest. The Christen inverted oil system was installed two years ago (on spec of course) and the carburetor was replaced with a Bendix multi-port fuel injection system last week. The FCU is about 1” longer than the carb, requiring a rework of the airbox and throttle and mixture brackets. Both mechanical and electric pumps were replaced with hi pressure pumps of course. This engine does not have drilled injection ports so the injectors were installed into the existing primer ports. A friend of mine had done this in his S1 Pitts without difficulty so I knew it would work. A Van’s fuel pressure gage and back up seat belts in each ‘pit were also added. Approx. 3.5 lb weight gain overall.

First inverted flight (for the plane and PILOT) was last night. All worked perfectly with the oil system showing about a 15 - 20 psi drop in pressure – can someone confirm if that’s a normal amount? – the book just says to expect a drop.

Some pictures of the fuel system are included (and one of the airplane). The FI pictures were taken a few days prior to completion (so please don’t get too bent out of shape about things not being safetied, or even attached for that matter, etc.)

Feel free to email with any question or comments.


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