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Wash Primer by Don Hipskind
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Don Hipskind answers aircraft painting questions in the AXIS HVLP Paint Discussion Board.  He operates at AXIS Products -  makers of HVLP Paint Sprayer and Fresh Air Breathing Systems.

Careful consideration should be given to the substrate that you plan to paint..As most reading this will be constructing metal airplanes I will address the steps necessary to paint that type material so it will be protected for years to come.

Here is the sequence: 

  1. Wash Primer 
  2. Epoxy Primer 
  3. Base Coat 
  4. Clear Coat .

On aluminum it is vital that follow these steps so that, when you are finished, you have a beautiful and fully protected airplane.

I will go through the products and process step by step so that you understand, not only how, but why I suggest the above materials and it is important that they go on correctly. The tips offered herein are gathered over years of painting experience which others in the field have gratiously offered.

How to apply:

1. Wash Primer - This is a relatively new product which is a 2 part mix and gets sprayed on to the bare aluminum surface. The DuPont version of this product is called VariPrime, however, PPG and other companies have there own - all are about the same - your choice.

Before this product was available, it was necessary to use an acid etch material and then alodine to prepare the surface but this wash primer provides both in one application.

Use a 1.0mm needle and nozzle in your spraygun for spraying this material. A little practice on a test panel will be helpful and you will see that this is a no brainer - it sprays very easily and will help you build confidence for the coming coats which I will discuss as we go on...

More Later...Don

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