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Number of RV's owned/built/had a hand in finishing: 15+ (3) that I built for myself, mostly single handed.

RV Central's Jay Pratt

Models: RV- 4, 6, 6A, 8, 8A
Currently Flies: RV-6

Jay's advice to new builders:

  • The idea is to have a flying airplane.

  • S T A Y    F O C U S E D  ! ! !

  • You need ALL the tools

  • Get off-line and out in the garage

  • Order parts while at your day job (fax)

  • You are chief of operations, parts buyer, riveter, cleaner, painter, mechanic, electrician, don't stop...you have no time to loose!

  • I built a RV-8 for $28,000 with a 150hp run out.  This was better than waiting for money for a 'pie in the sky' panel.

  • Do not build a watch!!! - we are only going to Denver, not Mars

  • If you want to fly the best airplane on a budget do a standard kit. 

  • If you want to fly fast get a QB.   

  • The main thing is to keep it simple, do some work every day, and in a year or two you will have the GRIN!   


Jay flying over Guadalupe Pass in West Texas.
doug reeves photo