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Leaky Tank Fixed

...Larry Gaudreau  www.Rv7an103LG.com

That left gas tank and the PRO-SEAL sure had all of my attention for a few weeks but Im happy to report that I only had a few small leaks around the access cover plate screws. My EAA T/C suggested buying some 8/32 screws from MacMasters-Carr ( http://www.mcmaster.com/ ) (part number 90825A816 18-8 SS SEALING PAN HEAD PHIL MACHINE SCREW, 8-32 THREAD, 1/2" LENGTH, go to the their site and enter the part number in the search window ) these screws have an O ring under the head, I installed these screws, pumped the tank back up with air and gave them a real good soapy bath, BINGO, NO MORE LEAKS