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Videotaping Your RV and Getting The Clip On YouTube
...and out to the RV community.  By Doug Reeves

It's not as hard as it looks.  For this article I'll be using a standard run-of-the-mill camdorder from Best Buy, the free software from Microsoft called Movie Maker and I'll be doing it on a PC.  I videotaped MoonDog sleeping and some junk around the office.  Real quick and dirty stuff.  Video, processing, photographing the steps and writing this 'article' took about thirty minutes.  Doing just the clip and getting it up on YouTube took about five minutes. 

Very doable for the first flights, in-flight stuff, construction milestones and cockpit tours out there that are waiting to be documented.

Enjoy!   dr


Video something, plug the camcorder into your PC with the USB or Firewire cable.  Turn the video camera on and put it in playback mode.

Start Movie Maker (or equivalent).  Movie Maker comes with Windows XP.  Click on 'Capture from video device'.

This screen will pop up.  Click 'Next'

Give your video project a name.  Click 'Next'.

Since the final product will end up on YouTube there is no need for me to put it on my hard disk in a larger format than 'Video for broadband (512 Kbps).  Click 'Next'.

Click on 'Start Capture' and press play on your video recorder.

Once it's done click 'Stop Capture'.  It will add your project to the software.

Drag the icon of your project down onto the 'Video' band in the lower portion of the screen.

Personalize it:   Edit the clip to your liking with Titles, music, etc.  Crop out stuff you don't want.  Instructions HERE.  YouTube will allow you to upload clips that are up to 10min in length and 100MB in size.  Tip:  I use Ctrl-L and the delete key the most.  Use this to crop out sections you don't want in the finished movie.

When done (saving occasionally) save the clip in a fomat that YouTube can read.  Click on 'Save to my computer'.

Give the movie a name and note where it is being saved on your hard disk (you'll need to find it later).

Again, if going to YouTube use the 'Video for broadband (512 Kbps)' setting.  Click 'Next'.



Go to www.YouTube.com, create an account if you haven't already, and log in.  Click on 'Upload' at the top of the screen.

Enter appropriate title, description and tags. Click on 'Continue Uploading'.

Click on 'Browse' and find your movie on your hard disk.  Click on 'Continue'

Found the movie on my hard disk.

Movie uploading (this may take a few minutes if the movie is large).

Once the clip is uploaded you'll see a screen similar to this.  If you scroll down a bit...

...you'll see the URL that will point to your movie online.  Copy and paste this address somewhere - you'll need it in a bit.  You'll also see a section about 'embedded HTML' - that's the code you can use if you want to get a little advanced and add the clip to part of your own personal web site. (example using the Bogert Tow Bar)

If you IMMEDIATELY go to the URL address you'll see that they haven't approved it yet.  It takes a few minutes (longer on weekends).

A few minutes later it's live.  Ta da!!!  The URL for the video used in this article is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLabQch_ZzE

Go to the VAF Forums, log in and click on the section called 'RV Photo/Video URLs' (it's the sixth one from the top)

Click on 'New Thread' and paste the URL to your video into the post with a description.  Wait by phone for Stephen Spielberg's call.


That's all there is to it!