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Kindergarten Flight

HIGHLAND VILLAGE, TX -  Our son's kindergarten class fly-over on Friday went swell.  The 3-ship flight, consisting of Danny King, Randy Richmond and myself were about 15 seconds +/- pre-arranged arrival time over target and we got pictures from both the air and ground.  On the way to the airport I stopped at the school and set it as a user waypoint in the 496.  Our daughter had a handheld on the ground tuned to 122.75 (Susie got her out of middle school to help) and when I called "One Minute", then "Thirty Seconds" she would relay it to the kids.  When she radioed back 'Roger' I could hear squeals, kids literally squealing, in the background.  At that very moment I knew I would do this every year for the school if they asked (they did).  This was the final day of the class's unit on transportation - very appropriate demonstration.
  On the proud-to-be-a-parent chart this moment was right up near the top.


Ground track.

 After break / coming back single file / Susie Reeves photo

 Susie Reeves photo

 After the formation passes, I made a solo pass with the zoom lens.  Here is the cropped version.

 What we found out later was that several of the other classes that heard about it through the school grapevine snuck outside to see.  This picture shows a few dozen up on the top left corner.  Our son told me later, and this was the highlight of the whole event for me, of a conversation with a kid from another class that he hadn't met before.  It went like this:
 "Are you Tate?" 
 "Your Dad ROCKS!"

  For those of you still building, let me say that this .5hr flight was one of 'those moments' for me - where every dollar spent, every knuckle busted, every obstacle that had to be cleared to finish and fly made it all worthwhile.  Five years after first flight and I'm still experiencing them!  This is really the best hobby on Earth.
  Hope you had a great weekend!   dr

Update: Here are the thank you cards I got a few days later: