Fly-Out Report: Baker, CA by Gary Sobek
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SoCAL RV Fly-out report on the Myster Flyout to Baker, CA (0O2)

Paul Rosales posted a message to the SoCAL-rvlist@yahoogroups about a 
Mystery Flyout on 19 April. Anyone interested in going were to meet over 
Hesperia Airport (L26) 7,500 on 19 April at 10:30 PDT. Anyone that did 
not have an aircraft capable of flying at RV speeds were to contact Paul 
by email for the location of the destination so that they could arrive 
there at the same time.

I spoke with Paul on the phone Friday before the flyout. He was only 
expecting 4 or 5 airplanes. I suggested that there may be 12 or more. 15 
showed up.

The Cable (CCB) Squadron of 3 RVs departed for Chino (CNO) to pick up a 
RV builder John Ward. John moved his nearly completed RV-6A from Indiana 
to California when his work moved him to the West Coast. John's airplane 
just received it Airworthiness Certificate and John was getting some RV 
time before making the maiden flight in his aircraft. His airplane will 
be in all the magazines when he starts taking it to airshows.

The Chino Squadron departed as a flight of 4. Right behind them the 
Cable Squadron flight of 3. Both flights contacted ONT Tower for Class 
Charlie clearance direct to Hesperia. Other RVs were on the air to air 
frequency checking in. "Pop" was circling Hesperia while Paul and others 
were joining up. Everybody was heading direct Baker (0O2) from L26. 
According to, Baker has an 
average of 25 aircraft operations per month. Today there were 15 RVs and 
1 Piper heading there.

A Piper Warrior was the first aircraft to land. Paul's wife Victoria let 
the scouting party with Mercedes to secure the airport for our arrival. 
The Chino Squadron arrived first. After a low approach to clear the 
coyotes off the runway, they landed and added reinforcements to our 
scouting party. Jim Ayers arrived in his Lom powered RV-3 now sporting 
an MT constant speed prop. I am sorry if I miss a few names and their 
arrival but I was concentrating on flying the airplane. The Cable 
Squadron arrived next with a 500' agl low approach, entered downwind, 
changed to left echelon, and continued outbound on the downwind to a 
turn back to a 3 mile initial followed by the Overhead. Next landing 
was Bob Watson in SoCALs newest flying RV-9A. Watch for photos of his 
airplane to appear in the magazines. Now Pop's RV flight of 4 was 
overhead in left echelon pulling up into a right break to downwind.

With all the aircraft secured on the ramp, it was now time for photos. 
One of the locals saw all the airplanes circling over the airport so 
drove out in his Suburban, took some photos of us on the ramp, and after 
several trips, had driven all of us to the Mad Greek for lunch. 

Everyone ordered at the counter then proceeded outside to a large table 
with their order number. After telling hangar (or is that restaurant) 
tails and eating, we started the hike back to the airport. At the 
airport, everyone said their good-byes and headed home.

Paul is the best writer in the group and may have more to add to this 

For the SoCAL Wing Van's Air Force

RV-6, N157GS, 1,266+ flying hours

When once you have tasted flight, you will forever 
walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, 
for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. 
	- Leonardo da Vinci