A Custom Ground Block by Amit Dagan (amitdagan at comcast.net)


When you get to wire up your panel, you’ll notice lots and lots of wires going from various instruments to ground. If you are using the Fast On ¼” tab method for wiring, you can buy a ground block from B&C specialty products (http://www.bandc.biz/) that will make the grounding easy.


Or, you could make your own:


 I got “Fast On Adapter for Heavy Duty Terminal Strips”, part number SA-308, from Stein Air (http://www.steinair.com) much cheaper per connector, and you can get as many as you need/want, not limited to 24 or 48 tabs the B&C ones come in.


I cut each of these “adapters” in half (using wire cutters) and then took a piece of 1/8” angle and drilled 5/32” holes in it. I proceeded to rivet the adapter connectors with some 5/32” rivets I had laying around, and just bolted the whole thing to one of the angle stiffeners on the fire wall. Be sure not to paint/prime this, as you want good electrical conductivity.


I chose to rivet the connectors 3 at a time (with a single rivet) to save space, but I suppose you could rivet them any way you like.


There you go, you can have as many connectors as you need, and with a little ingenuity tweak the design to suit your needs. If you like, you can use conductive epoxy to connect the tabs to your bracket, instead of - or together with - rivets.


This custom ground block cost less than $5, for 36 tabs.