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#1:  The pictures of these throttle and mixture cables were taken after removing them from a flying side-by-side RV delivered to Randy for its annual inspection.  Plane was purchased used.  What's wrong with this picture? (scroll down for answer)






   First, these are not standard Van's throttle and mixture cables, but lightweight versions with 'drill chuck type' clamps on the end.  Pulling on them with about ten pounds of force separated the clamps from the end of the cable.  Second, they were attached to the motor mount with a hose clamp, so when the engine started or shut down it tugged on the clamp.  Third, the cables were only in the clamp about a quarter of an inch.  This plane could have easily lost the ability to control the throttle and/or mixture while in flight or taxiing.

Previous cables replaced with the proper Van's type throttle and mixture cables with threaded ends (link) mounted on brackets brackets attached to the engine.  Pics below....