Air to Air Photography Portfolio
by Doug Reeves

This page shows some of the air to air photos I have taken and am proud of.  It will grow.  Hover your mouse over each thumbnail for a short description of the subject.  I doubt I'll ever be anywhere near as good as Ed Hicks, but it's an aspect of the hobby I personally enjoy.  It's also a learned skill which rewards practice while impressing the neighbors.  So, I'll keep pluggin' away.  You're welcome to use these images any way you wish as long as 1) credit is given to Doug Reeves and 2) a reference to is made.    dr

Latest Additions:
Sunrise: Jan 26, 2006 over Lake Lewisville, TX
Doug Reeves photographer.  Photo ship: Flash
In photo: Danny King in Beautiful Doll

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Please feel free to use this image in any capacity you want.  I just ask that you credit in the process.  Thanks.


Ross Burgess and Chet in root position on the way to 11R for lunch. Danny backs off and does a barrell roll over the two ship (or possibly it's a camera trick - I'm not saying). Don 'Yellowbird' Christiansen (actually a ground shot)...of Ross just after takeoff. In a tight echelon turn lining up on initial.  To learn formation you have to get comfortable with this spinning just off your head <grin>. Ross was #2 to takeoff from 52F and I shot this as he was turning in on us to form up. Paul Schattauer somewhere in Oregon. Falcon Flight and Team RV perform maneuvering routine at LOE4 Falcon Flight and Team RV perform maneuvering routine at LOE4 Paul Schattauer over the Oregon coastline. Paul Schattauer taken off the Oregon coastline during Van's Homecoming 2004.  Photo ship flown by Danny King.  On the way back from Homecoming 2004.  If you fly too close you just might get your picture taken... Ross 'Scorch' Burgess RV-6 John/Emily Phillips RV-6A Rob 'Smokey' Ray RV-4 "Bandit" (taken 12/17/03) Jay 'Jaybird' Pratt RV-6 (Borrowed Horse) Danny 'Sky' King with wife Marthajane in 'Beautiful Doll' Scott 'Turbo' Toornburg RV-7 (pilot Jay Pratt here) Martin and Claudia Sutter RV-6 RV-7 demonstrator (Scott McDaniels pilot) and RV-9A demonstrator (Ken Krueger pilot) at LOE1  Photo ship flown by Doug Newton.

Ross Burgess gets the credit for suggesting I put this page up.